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I played and absolutely loved this! brought a big smile to my face :) 

Gameplay Timestamp: 8:34

I played Episode one Cabin Fever and Absolutely adored it. This game is 100% worth the money especially for the voice acting and visuals.
Here's episode one if you guys want a sample of the game: 

I'm considering trying to the heart rate mode, could you link me a product that's compatible?

Hey Dave! I've been really enjoying going through your games, this one was especially fun too me since it's spongebob themed! Timestamp 14:22

Did a video on this, wasn't too sure about it. Timestamp: 12:28

This was amazing! I can't wait to check out your other projects! Timestamp: 00:35

I really enjoy this game! Timestamp: 6:44

Hey lad, bought this game from how the graphics look alone! Can't wait to play it

This game really made me scream and yell at it's difficulty! It was so great to finally beat! Timestamp: 27:28

I love this game, I played it in this video! Timestamp: 22:37

I'd be happy to try one of your other games! I did like that this felt similar to Silent Hill PT, but the game just wasn't for me. If you'd like to suggest one of your other works, let me know!

Played this epic game, it starts at 11:31

The game is played at 19:16

PLayed your game, it starts at 14:22

Heyo I played Your Game! It begins at 19:50

Heyo I played your Game! It starts at 11:33

Heyo Played your game! It starts at 00:36

I really enjoyed this!

Truly an amazing game 

Heyo had fun showcasing this game 

Great Game! 


Boi I dunno what this was but I laughed way too  much, had fun! 

This game...Angery 



Amazing Game! 

Great Game! 

Did A Full Playthrough This Game is a Lie.