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no worries about that and no need to stress yourself out either! it's getting finished, albeit late - no need for anybody to guilt trip themselves, haha. take care!

this week. i have been in some... very bad personal times. my apologies for all delays, all the same, some things i could've gotten around with some better organization ahead of time.

Damn, I was wondering if something was up, considering there apparently hasn't been a single purchase during the sale. Will look into fixing it.

"Photos by Colin Spacetwinks" works fine for me


hey! sorry, i - quite obviously - didn't think about this aspect when making/coding this, and that fuck up's on me. i'm putting in fixing this on my to-do list.

i'm pretty lax about this stuff. i'd let the personal license fly here

it's actually on the to-do list for the update that is (admittedly) very belated! i want to get it in more formats, make it more accessible

try downloading directly from the website page instead of thru the client!

I've had multiple people on the summer sale, and before, tell me that they've bought my work, with paypal receipts shown and everything, that they aren't getting access to the content they've bought after purchase. The major complaint is not getting an email in their inbox with a link to the download page or the like, but apparently even people who already have accounts here also sometimes have it not even show up in their library. I've resolved the issues each time by sending links to download the work elsewhere, but its happened enough times to people who've bought my stuff that it's becoming a real concern for me. Anyone else running into this problem or know what could be causing it?