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Walked in the forest and either got stuck/fell off the map/ or glitched into complete darkness. The overlay text was still there though so idk.

Extremely difficult for me. Spent a little over 2 hours attempting to play this & most of that was me being stuck. Most items disappear after one use...except one that I've come across (unless it actually has a use more than 2 times, which was my first time being stuck). 

The stool doesn't interact with items it needs to, only the floor below it. Since I have no idea if this item permanently disappears after it's fully used up, I have no idea if I'm done with it after 2 uses. I've walked entire floors just trying to place the stool on every inch.

Current situation (Game un-beaten): Cant figure out the clock time, Cant figure out the keypad, and stool has been used twice.

I don't want spoilers or even hints outside of the game/in comments. I just want some sort of direction put in. Some of these just don't make sense. (I'm going to be careful here as to not spoil) Can't peel tape off? Can't burn tape off with a lighter? Fire doesn't scare someone? Nor a stool? Or golf clubs? Monsters like beef jerky? I can't make sense of anything when attempting to solve these puzzles because previous ones just make no sense.

Very charming/cute art style though...馃し

Are you supposed to run out of time, or is it meant to be beat within the 30min time-frame?

Ohhh, gotcha. Thanks!

Playing on Windows 10 64-bit, I can only strafe right and walk backwards. Left or forward does not work.

Yes, the main menu is animating & the game works. Thanks so much!

Just downloaded this and I'm stuck at the main menu. No mouse cursor, keyboard doesn't work, and controller doesn't work either. I see others in the comments have it working, so I'm not sure what the issue is. I've tried mouse-left/right clicking, arrow keys, wasd, enter, spacebar, "E", and tab to progress past the first menu. No luck. 

(Unsure if you need any specs for this issue, but I'm on Windows 10 64bit)

Yessssss tysm <3

Will this get fullscreen support?

My thoughts as well. 

Hopefully fully functioning controller support will be implemented (for XBOX One at least). I've tried remapping them in the pre-launcher, no luck and it didn't even detect me pressing either of the two back-trigger buttons. The style of this game is pretty neat. Getting those PS2 vibes. If only my hand didn't hurt from that hallway part.

Is there a way to make this fullscreen?

Tried alt+enter to fullscreen, unfortunately didn't work. Still stuck in gameboy mode.

For me, a "filter" (if you will) has been pulled over my eyes from the many games I've played on here. That filter being to ignore typos, because many games I've personally come across have them (even this game, later on in the game where I think the term "no loner" is used instead of "no longer"). 

*Possible spoilers for the metal box puzzle below*

I originally thought, I had to click the buttons in a certain order.

I wish there was some sort of indicator letting me know I had a key. Like one of the slots highlighting when clicking a button. I was stuck for about 80 minutes until I found out by randomly clicking the screen that, clicking a button gives you a key while on that puzzle, and that the holes at the top are the key slots. I thought those holes were normal and from my characters POV, they were just seeing the inside of the safe because of the depth/way the light shines.

I had to stop at the multiple staircase/holes-in-the-floors parts, but I think over all the game/graphics/atmosphere are pretty good. It's just a few UI/HUD things in the puzzles would help.

Thanks for the game :)

I'm in a library that loops into itself, the door is blocked by a crap-ton of chairs. There's a combination puzzle on the front of the desk (there's a door behind the desk, and a door across the desk, boarded up). It also says on a window, I need some way to remove a padlock.

Holy heck, you explained my frustrations with the puzzles perfectly. I literally came back to this page becaues I'VE BEEN STUCK FOR AN HOUR trying to figure stuff out. Thought I was glitched, exited to main menu, continued & somehow triggered a voiceline that didn't happen before so maybe I was glitched at that time. Still can't solve this though. In my opinion, for a story game, this ruins immersion based on how frustrating getting stuck for this long is. I usually don't mind taking a few minutes to examine thing...but no progress for 20+ minutes (so far 60+ minutes for me) is so disheartening for a game that was so amazing up until this point.

Will there be fullscreen support? I feel seeing my desktop takes the horror aspect out of the game. I understand there's different sizes, but that doesn't necessarily give fullscreen resolution. Alt + Enter / F11 doesn't work either.

Wish it had fullscreen support (unless I'm missing something). Alt+Enter / f11 doesn't fullscreen the game, which takes away from the immersion.

As others have stated, the game still needs optimizations as the frames will randomly drop (Windows 10 64 bit, GTX 1060, 16gb ram).

Got locked in the study (the room with the computer showing 3 sets of numbers) after the record player disappears. The record player was repeating "Do you love me. I love you." So I walked up to it, then it disappeared. Not sure what to do since I can't leave the room.

 Also, the bug while reading a note with "R" (AFTER you pick it up with "E") still hasn't been fixed, but there's a workaround. If you press "E" on a note to pick it up, then press "R" to read it, you MUST press "R" before pressing "E" again to put it down or the note will get stuck on your screen. IF you accidentally get a note stuck on your screen, just go through the motions of reading it again (by pressing E, then R) and it should go away.

I'm not sure what I'm doing different than others. I have a knife & key, and entered the broken window to the library basement. Can't climb back out, and there's an empty spot on the bookcase that the character shrugs at.

I disagree with the movement decision that "A" makes you walk up+left, "S" makes you walk down+left. "W" make you walk up+right, "D" makes you walk down+right. Game looks beautiful, but I cannot play this control scheme.