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As others have stated, the game still needs optimizations as the frames will randomly drop (Windows 10 64 bit, GTX 1060, 16gb ram).

Got locked in the study (the room with the computer showing 3 sets of numbers) after the record player disappears. The record player was repeating "Do you love me. I love you." So I walked up to it, then it disappeared. Not sure what to do since I can't leave the room.

 Also, the bug while reading a note with "R" (AFTER you pick it up with "E") still hasn't been fixed, but there's a workaround. If you press "E" on a note to pick it up, then press "R" to read it, you MUST press "R" before pressing "E" again to put it down or the note will get stuck on your screen. IF you accidentally get a note stuck on your screen, just go through the motions of reading it again (by pressing E, then R) and it should go away.

I'm not sure what I'm doing different than others. I have a knife & key, and entered the broken window to the library basement. Can't climb back out, and there's an empty spot on the bookcase that the character shrugs at.

I disagree with the movement decision that "A" makes you walk up+left, "S" makes you walk down+left. "W" make you walk up+right, "D" makes you walk down+right. Game looks beautiful, but I cannot play this control scheme.