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Actually it's done. I'm wrapping this up.

Thanks! Still working on it until tomorrow I think. I'm adding some sfx, smoothing out the difficulty a bit more, and probably rewrite the whole story.

Wonderful! Very inspiring as well. I'm glad Puzzle Script has an undo feature, these are quite hard :D

Congratz for everything you've acheived so far! Wonderful colors and cool idea ;-)

The game looks really cute! The music gives it a very chill ranchy mood, love it ;-) I like the idea for gameplay, but I would have enjoyed a bit more control. It's a bit to hard to make them go the way you want, and sometimes they just go crazy and you can't stop them if you're at the other side of the map. Awesome job guys! Keep it up.

Rough graphics but fun gameplay! I know how hard it is to sync music to gameplay so hat down on that. The way you have to anticipate for a timed reflected shot but also watch out for the dodge is really interesting and it keeps the game tense.

Very nice game! Quite hard too. On second or third try I realized that staying in one place the whole time is much easier because you are actually much harder to hit, and you can even destroy ennemy projectiles that are in front of you to defend. It felt like cheating since the game is much harder (and more fun) when you actually move. This is my final score :

Love the music and graphics, and the controls feel really nice.

Well done!!

A cool little adventure game! I had a good time :)

Thank you so much buddy! Awesome voice acting, as always :D I've rewatched the whole thing a few times now. Makes me happy every time.

Thanks! Way overscoped for an LD entry but it's by far my most played game.

The controls are amazing. So much content too! Great job. I would say "as usual" but I enjoyed it even more than usual.

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Our tester scored over 6000 but she won't tell me her strategy (I think she hires orange workers and uses a ton of coffee). I'd be glad to have a small conversation with you if you have time. If you are up for it, please contact me (itch, ldjam, twitter, discord...). I speak French and I think you too?

Haha xD Not my intention but I can understand the feeling!! I hope you can find your gray car sandbox ;-)

I have always wanted to make a VR game around table flips! I haven't tried the game yet but I'm already loving it :D

Pitch shifting is super easy to implement, lightweight, and it sounds very well when done correctly. I see you improved it a lot already, well done! I love it :) With enough samples and good transitions of pitch/volume you can go really deep as you can see.

About the game speed it is a tough question. It really depends on the feel you want to give to your game. As long as it's consistent it should be fine. It also depends if you want to make the game for casual players (probably more audience) or if you want to make it more of a simulation (less audience, but is it really about the numbers?).

Maybe a good "in between" would be to just make two vehicules, one that has to play more with the drifts but is faster, and the other that is easier to control but has a lower max speed. In that way you can play with both styles and the game is still balanced. It's nothing new, kind of unoriginal, but that's also because it just works.

A racing game where you can hit spectators. It has some kind of Carmageddon feel !

I love those short simple games Noa. Awesome work. Looking forward for next week!

Very well done Noa, sorry for testing your game so late !! 

Well done guys ! +1 follower