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So cute and colorful (and tricky!) I was in a super down mood and this was just what I needed.

All the little tail wiggling and squeaks!!

I love this, it's so cute ^_^

Yay! Are save files from the post-Beta 20 patch compatible with this?

Delightfully charming and addictive. The leaderboard is a fun challenge :)

So adorable and just the perfect thing to motivate me to take a break from whatever I'm doing every few hours (even if it's sleeping late) and play with my lil ghost for a couple minutes.

Thanks! I was using my laptop touchpad instead of a mouse, so no wonder.

By the way, this game is elegantly simple yet challenging. The art style is wonderfully distinctive, and the villagers (and alien) are adorable.

I can't scroll down on the building menus- any attempt to do so just picks up buildings. Is there some way to do it with the keyboard that I don't know about?

I've found several bugs:

1. In Chapter 4, the "release 3 metal singles in one month" task for the rival will register as completed even if you haven't actually done it (I may have released 3 singles that month, but none of them were metal).

2. Theater income always appears as 0 when hovering over my current balance, even though my two theaters are generating plenty of revenue when you examine them individually.

3. After one of my idols was treated for depression, her Cute score reset to 0. Other idols treated for depression didn't have this problem.

4. Variable names sometimes show up in dialogue rather than variable values. I've had a couple of idols tell me when announcing their graduation that they'd be saying goodbye on "[date]" when earlier in the dialogue they'd given the actual day, and once I saw "[actor]" rather than an idol's name show up in a social media post.

5. Number suffixes on the birthday screen are incorrect for some birthdays; my idols had "21th," "22th," and "23th" birthdays rather than "21st," "22nd," and "23rd."