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Space Bandit Studio

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Hi AonWolf! We are actively working to get a Mac version ready! Currently we are focused on general performance improvements so it will be available soon.

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Space Bandit Studio is happy to release the beta for our upcoming  puzzle game: KLEPTONAUT

A game about robbing convenience stores in zero-gravity. Pick up and throw items to propel yourself and solve puzzles.

Space Bandit Studio is a team of soon-to-be graduates from UC Santa Cruz, where we started the project as a senior capstone. We are excited to continue development and share updates on itch!

We have 8 levels available now, two more in the next week, and many other features coming soon. You can find out more in our devlog post.

Download the game here

and follow us on Twitter

Thanks and enjoy!

use this thread to share the things you like and didn't like about Kleptonaut. Favorite level? Least favorite level? Anything about how the game plays that really bothers you? Wish we had a certain feature? Post this information here.

Kleptonaut community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Use this thread to report bugs you come across in the game.

Please provide as much information as you can on how you reached the bug, as well as your system information. Screenshots are super helpful too!