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Dear Next Level Gaming,
1) every character has 1 face,
2) For the world tileset we have another compatible Asset -> ; right now it's available as a bundle with a discount but if your question refers to the character's sprites they are included.
3) We don't have SV sprites, but we have 8 full-body raster characters sprites.

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Thank you!

Thank you very much 🥰

Good job!

Thank you!!!

looks great!

I talked with leafo he told me that some billing should be after I made first payout, I will make in 2 days and we will see is there informations that I need. If not I will have to also stop selling anything on Itch io. I don't get it why I don't have here any information about here: ? The company have other name than itch corp? I don't know what types of bussines are in US but about itch corp you can't find anything.

but I wrote like month ago, I even not sure if itch is a company ? I cannot find anything about itch corp.

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Of course, I wrote to the support, but support never replies. And this is very important subject. It should be ticket page for registred developers on itch io.

Hello, most of companies like our have to issue invoices to prove earnings from platform like but companies have to provide TIN on invoice I cannot find any informations about Itch crop. I cannot find any registred numbers or any information on gov websites.

Because if I understand that if itch io resolves VAT, then itch io is the seller, and if itch is the seller, I have to issue an invoice to document my income on paypal, for example. So where I can find information about TIN or registred number of Itch corp?

Best Regards

Pretty nice!