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Makes sense! Looking forward to the monk class!

You should do one for brawler/boxer.😉

Thanks Julian, glad you enjoyed it so far!

We are working really hard on it, trying to re-work some stuff, but also add a few more boxers! I cant say an exact date for sure!

That's very unfortunate to hear! Are you playing on the 1.1.2A Version? If not try that one, and if you are and it still does not work, then join the Discord server and I'll try to help you out!

Soupmasters Discord Link:

thanks man, you the real awesome! and great idea !

thank you so much! this is just an itsy-bitsy taste test, even cooler stuff will be coming soon!

good luck!

thanks man, so glad you enjoyed it! working hard on the next demo that will hopefully be out on steam!

Thanks, lovely to hear that!

Update 1.11 is out! Hope you enjoy!

haha i see what you did there

it's a demo of my game about boxing the big bad boys! 

if you like Cuphead, Punch-Out or Dark Souls, you are gonna love this!

Great analysis! All I gotta say is you're gonna LOVE the final product!

fixed! it was a problem with the discord dll!

can't wait to bring all the bosses to life! it will be awesome!

thanks chiipasa!

let's go!


Awesome gameplay and design!

Nice protype! Great going Hozeis!

great work!

i heard this game won imdb 250