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thanks for the constructive feedback!!

thanks for playing I'll def check out the stream! and congrats for winning!

Failed at the 246 level-

This was really cool. You managed to make every interaction feel good on just a feedback level - some nice visuals and sounds went a long way to making placing tiles feel good!

You probably thought of the idea already but what if you could see what tiles were next in your queue? and/or you could hold a tile for use later? Like in Tetris? Not sure if that's the kind of game/balance you're looking for but I feel like that would be useful for learning.

I think there's potential for strategy and expanding on this idea, and it makes me sad that this submission will likely get glossed over for lack of cats but I hope you explore this idea further, all the best :)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad the sound helped to communicate some important information!

Yeah the UI was kind of a pain LOL but I learned a good bit from this jam because of it

Thanks for playing! There's a lot of ways to play yes

Thanks for playing!

Cool gameplay idea! I haven't seen anything quite like it. I think with some tuning like making it a tad easier to jump over rocks on your planet and a little more airborne control you'd have a really addictive arcade platformer experience on your hands. I appreciate that sometimes meteors would come and make you move while you wait for an opening to jump to the next planet. I also like that you can be pulled around by the orbit of a planet, like a moon would be pulled around a planet. If you could implement some kind of cool slingshot mechanics using that, that could bring an interesting new layer to your game. 

Nice work!

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Had to work with what I had for the game art given the time constraints but you know how it is! If I end up expanding on this, def will pay mind to a consistent art direction

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I'll be upset if this game doesn't get 1st in sound for this game jam hahah. The dynamic music between/during waves was great. And you really didn't have to do a game over jingle but you DID and you nailed it! Excellent job with the music in a game that is music focused!

You nailed the aesthetic! The key art and game art match the vibe well, and making the objects pulse to the beat really sold some extra personality of the game! One of the most charming games I've played this jam for sure.

I just wanted to be sure but I wasn't able to place units during a wave, was that intentional?  You mentioned you didn't have time to balance it the way you wanted and I understand given the time limit. But I think you've got a really cool thing going here if you decide to polish and expand on it. It will definitely have its audience. Groove and cool cats go well together like peanut butter and jelly :) Great job!

Charming aesthetic, I really enjoyed the art of the chonkers :) 

Adding sound would do wonders for the presentation. Also none of my mortar cats seemed to be able to hit a target, but I don't know enough if that's because of my placement of them or not. I know it can be hard to balance games in time especially during a jam but it was fun to fill the map with chonky bois.

Cute game, it was cool!

Nice top down shooter game.

It was a bit disorienting for the gun to not shoot directly at the mouse cursor, but a little to the side since the gun was to the cat's side. Also the difficulty scaling is a little rough, even if I kept up the pace of shooting down the targets the lag made the dogs' speed change unexpectedly. Also I couldn't open chests even when I had enough points, not sure what I was missing.

Nice effort, would be better some more polish and balancing.

Super solid game! The start seems to be the hardest part, but once I learned to let the insects get close to the anthill before grounding them and swarming with soldiers, the rest was more or less smooth sailing - til I get hit by the red ants hahah. Very nice flow and peaceful game, subdued sound effects and aesthetic which works nicely for it. The sight of seeing the ants swarm a new target was a spectacle every time. Awesome job!

Love this interpretation of the theme lol. Cool little idea

Thanks for playing!

Really cool game! The multitasking of managing crops and warding off mice was like controlled chaos, I felt it was balanced and designed really well. Very nice art too! I could watch the cat's walk cycle forever...

This was a cool little game! I also used a laser pointer to guide cats around in my game, so I was pretty excited to see your take on it hahah. Very nice aesthetic and intuitive gameplay. 

Cool game. Concept of juggling 3 characters with different abilities was fun to explore. My favorite parts were probably doing stuff while the orange cat was hacking. I think the game could really sing if you could find some way to do that with all 3 of the characters, and making the player constantly think of how to optimize the placement of the cats and routing and such. But maybe that's not the kind of game you wanna make, and I'm just ranting about my own tastes haha. I think you put out a solid game with a concept that's def worth exploring further. Nice job!

Thanks for playing! Glad you had a good time and got a flow going!

I think this was a very nicely directed piece. I really liked your interpretation of the theme. There really is a whole world inside of each of us. 

The premise, art, and music come together to really set the stage for an introspective journey. The bodily backgrounds were all very nicely imagined and rendered, I especially enjoyed how parts of the heart shifted around to let you through and the zoom in/out of the body bookending the story. I also like that the designs of the 'bosses' you fight are not necessarily evil-looking, but can be seen as more neutral forces just like how people can have their emotions be helpful or harmful to themselves as a whole. Easiest top marks in Aesthetics I've given in this jam by far.

The shooting mechanic was interesting. Was the idea to stop to shoot something born from the idea that you can tackle certain emotions or thoughts by stopping for a moment to think? Regardless, I think the idea is interesting and unique, but was quite unclear to me at the start. I had to read the instructions below the game to figure out the shooting. I think the difficulty is tuned about right, but the larger hurtbox of the character in the more constrictive space felt a little frustrating to deal with sometimes.

You obviously put a lot of thought and passion into how this was all depicted and it shows, I think you did a fantastic job creating a unique experience. 

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I like the aesthetic of your game. The voxel vibe is cool, and I thought it was an interesting choice to make your gun shoot physical bullets rather than do raycasts

I think the feel of the gameplay would improve a lot if you could get feedback on when you damage enemies. I didn't even know I was hurting the first enemy until I shot it enough to explode. When I went to the upper right room those fast enemies were way too strong and fast to take on with a pistol so they took me out fast without feeling like a fair fight.

But yeah, nice model design, I like those cryogenic tanks in particular. 

Interesting sprite of the main character, is it supposed to be the two cats that spoke at the beginning combined since it has both their eye colors? I like how strange it looked haha

The platforming + shooting were nice but I managed to keep running into a slightly elevated platform which got me stuck in place and my score kept going up.. so to fix that exploit maybe you can make the score dependent on horizontal distance traveled?

thanks for playing! it was so fun to make! you can see how much it was inspired by hitting weaknesses in Persona hahah! 

the presentation of your game was great too!

Thanks for playing!

Cool game! The feedback of the cat getting hit or hitting the mouse felt pretty good-the change of sprite and sound combined made the damage feel impactful.

Nice job implementing ledge hanging, it's hard to do it well.

I would love to see a little more variety in environments and more chances to use ledge hanging to attack/dodge, those were my favorite parts of the gameplay.

Thank you for playing! as we discussed in the discord, you took your top spot back literally right after I posted that I took it back from you LOL, you were killing it, and I'm really glad you found a flow and enjoyed yourself :)

Cool game! I think the primary task of pushing boxes into the water while being attacked was pretty well balanced. I also think you had a pretty good spread of upgrades to choose from, and I felt like I was making meaningful decisions (chonker + shotgun build, let's go).

The post processing and light vfx when shots were fired or when I got damaged were nice touches that helped sell the impact of the important moments.

However... on 3 different playthroughs I couldn't continue onto the next island because pressing space wouldn't let me get in the boat. So I gotta leave my high score at 12. Sort of a critical bug I would love to see fixed because the box pushing/managing enemies gameplay was cool. A sort of emergent strategy I used for the later islands was to get the enemies to push the box for me by putting the box between them and myself, that was a cool moment :)

Thanks for playing! We tried to make it so repeat playthroughs with the roguelite elements so would be encouraged to let the game's systems open up once players got comfortable controlling cats haha i'm sure there's stuff to be discovered still

Thanks for playing :)

Hi! Just used your asset in my 3rd game here, for a game jam with the theme "Cats and Guns" 

Your sounds are really punchy and expressive, and I keep coming back to using them! Thanks again!

Hello!! Bought and used this catset prominently in my game jam game here! This asset pack really brought out the charm and expressiveness the game needed, couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks! (Theme was Cats and Guns) 

was it by any chance an error involving MacFsWatcher? I had the same problem when building but commenting out the line "using MacFsWatcher" worked for me 

Cool game! I really like how you established the mood here. I think that's what stood out to me the most about this game. The rainy night, lighting, music, and tension (and 'hopelessness' of being an infinite thing) come together to create a nice atmosphere.

Some things to work on: Having a point light around the cat is smart and important especially in a dark environment, but if I fell behind as the camera autoscrolled, that light would sometimes disappear and I would completely lose track of the cat and die. Also, those light blue enemies stunlocked me by hitting me and pushing me to the wall and combo'd me to death, not sure if that's intentional or not. Also I noticed I could avoid a lot of obstacles by sticking to the south sidewalk, but eventually I ran into collision so you probably had foresight of that haha.

Also, the way you turn in the opposite direction initially when you turn left or right was kind of jarring and didn't feel very intuitive to me, I'm curious of why you made that design decision.

Overall nice game, I managed to break 2k. Hope to see what else you can do in the future

Cool game! I managed to get a 74.

The sound and visuals all worked nicely together. Also, good music choices. 

Controlling the yarn ball felt pretty good! I never felt like I was unable to manipulate it the way I wanted to. I think you did  a great job on that in particular. 

I also like the shop for different skins haha. Question, do  any properties of the yarn ball change if you use different skins?

Cool game! A simple concept, executed well.

I think the sounds, music and visuals all worked well together to produce a cohesive, good-feeling game. I appreciate that you can change the conveyer speed diegetically through the lever.

A few comments. The giant wall of text at the start explaining everything is functional - it does give the player all the information (story exposition and mechanics) that they need, but dumping it all as a wall of text is usually not very palatable to most players. You could try breaking it up into a few smaller boxes, or introduce the ideas gradually. You can also try trimming out the story exposition altogether. As much as I enjoyed the cat mafia (nyakuza?) context, being told that information in smaller, digestible pieces would've helped.

Also, I was initially confused about grabbing the correct parts from the bottom bins for the gun order. This was mostly because I just saw text like 'barrel' or 'optics', but if I saw the actual gun parts it would've been easier for me to register.

Last thing- I tried submitting a score but didn't get any feedback after that. No leaderboard, and no chance to retry the game. Might be a transient bug with LootLocker so I definitely won't count that against you, but you should know that it happened and other players might experience it.

Overall nice game - simple concept, executed well in all its elements. Nice job

Thanks for playing! The game really opens up once you get some upgrades and use both the cats and gun :)

Thanks for playing! There are definitely targets that require you to use the cats, so the intention was to encourage players to experiment with the cats earlier on before relying on the rifle so it would feel more natural to juggle the two over time. I'm sure you'll have more fun and get a higher score if you use both cats and guns ;) and Cats birthday party LOL

Thanks for playing!

Well executed game with a nice curve!

I particularly liked the visual and audio feedback when you place down a new factory on a square. That felt pretty satisfying.

One question, is it possible to remove buildings after you place them down? Or do you just have to keep adding stuff instead?