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now sound now good?

It should be fixed now.

I’ve created an update that fixes the issues.

I’ve looked into it. It seems SoundCloud, which is used for the music, has changed the authorization. I have to see if I can fix this or change it. It might mean players have to login with a SoundCloud account and I don’t want that.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear in the description. It’s updated now. Thanks for the interest anyway :)

The game is VR only, built using OpenXR. HTML5 (WebXR) is not going to work in this case, since that is slightly different. I could try and build a Windows VR version if that helps?

Unfortunately, the game is not done. But I learned a lot about how to use OpenXR and the XR Interaction Toolkit in Unity.

Just released an updated version. A lot of the issues are resolved. There’s also spoken instructions in the game in case of tl:dr. 🎅

I’m sorry you’re experiencing some issues. I’ve heard a few similar things and plan to address as many of them soon as possible. There will be an updated version soon. Thank you for the feedback!

Love the tool, really promising. The only feature I miss is changing the thickness of the trunk. Any plans of implementing that?

Thanks for the feedback! I added a recording of the gameplay.

Had a lot of fun bouncing around in VR. Going up was a bit hard, I felt the thrust control could be a bit more abrupt. I often missed platforms. But, overall a very fun experience.

I had some trouble figuring how to get to the top and what to do. I thought I had to touch the yellow triangles at first. Once I got the hang of moving around and moving ramps I was able to climb to the top. Fun little challenge!

I agree. If/When the game is developed further this core mechanic is going to change. It has to be more clear that you need to keep the animals alive while picking up barrels. Maybe add a certain amount of animals you need to keep alive at every stage/level or have a set time limit.

On an Oculus Quest, open the Oculus Browser and navigate to the page. Hitting play should take you to VR. I’m not entirely sure about the Rift or the Vive, but these should enter VR as soon as you hit play as well.

It try to stream as much as possible of the build. Live over at

I think this time I will try out PlayCanvas.