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Nice implementation for the theme! 

I feel like this could work very well ported on mobile with tilt controlling the tilt and cart moving maybe with fixed speed. I would definitely play that!

Nice work, it was very easy to understand what I'm supposed to do. It would be nice to see your last score also, now when you lose you just had to take a peek just before losing to know how far you were from your high score.

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I also had a bit hard time figuring out how to play, could use some kind of tutorial. The effect on selected tower was quite intense, almost as intense as the doc's jawline! 

I very much like the color scheme and music.

Lots of players have missed that theres a possibility to double jump, which makes a huge difference. Might that be the case? The intstructions definitely need some work! 

Had fun playing this and the aesthetics are very pleasing, I like the characters especially.

 I also feel like this might be accurate depiction how some hauling companies operate while handling people's stuff. 

Thanks! The time is fixed to scroll down and didn't want it to bee too fast when coming back from high up, to get the full effect on how much you managed to climb. Maybe best would be to tie it to the actual height, so that lower levels also take less time to reach bottom. I do agree that it seems quite slow when rapidly retrying, great point!

There are some unintentionally hard parts due to the how the generation of the platforms work. Could've used a day or two tweaking. Mind telling what level it was that reduced the enjoyment for you? This would be valuable information for us! You can see the levels in high score also, if you don't remember.

Thanks! We are also very happy on how it turned out. We experienced with black-white and some other variants, but this was the best we could come up with by a long shot.

Thanks! That's what we were going for!  Except for the floating part, that was unintentional. I DO think that you could do better than 2300pts tho, maybe even 100k?

There definitely is a slight learning curve, but you are also right, it's a bit less responsive than we'd like. There's so many ways to tweak the movement its hard to strike a balance between all of them and fun gameplay. 

Yeah, we tried to go for something that would allow you to increase your points with skillful maneuvering. Ended up being less effect that we hoped for, could definitely use some more tweaking on the scoring part.

I like the idea and simple gameplay! 

Did you consider a mechanic where the blocks would fall down tetris-style?

I really liked how the game mechanics are made extremely clear right at the beginning! 

I really like this idea! Looks cool also.