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Hello, I know it's a silly question, but could someone tell me or guide me, what would be the best method to set different spawn points for example for 4 players?.

Thank you so much!

Oh i see!, its work for me too, thanks a lot!

Nope! :( .. If you find any solution, comment here please!

I'm doing the following:

case packet_t.cursor: var steam_id = buffer_read_int64(b);

var _x = buffer_read(b,buffer_f32);

 var _y = buffer_read(b,buffer_f32);

 with obj_cursor if user == steam_id {



The movement between clients is visualized but the movements of the server not.. I don't understand how to make it work, sorry but I'm new in the multiplayer world.

I don't know if it's just me or other people it also happens, but this example only works for 2 ppl, when i try with 3 friends or more the person who creates the lobby stops working or random errors arise, i don't know how to explain it!, any help?

PS: Sorry for my bad english :P