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Oh my gosh all these kind words are warming my heart! I love the idea of a magical realist Appalachian version of this and I'm so excited to hear this was welcoming to you as a new GM! Thanks for posting!

Ooh I yelled aloud at one point, gosh this was well done. Recommended!

My gosh thank you so much for playing this, and for writing such a kind and thorough review!

Apologies for the page 11 confusion! I should update the text to better reflect the digital file package. Until then, though, "Phylinecra-Town-Map-Colour.jpg" will provide a colour map to plot out that aspect of the game.

Thanks so much for playing it! I really appreciate the feedback; I'm so glad the tone came through.

I really really love this, I could lose hours to it. Thank you for making it!

Letter size! The thinner and cheaper the paper, the better, honestly.