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Hello, I am Soraille, a 2D artist for hire!

I have a bit of experience with drawing sprites since I used to make visual novels as past time. My style uses a lot of bright and pastel colors, is very anime and feminine; I think it's pretty fitting for romantic and light-hearted games. I offer chibi in two styles, full-bodied sprites, and full illustrations. Below are some of my personal works illustrated from late December 2018 to this year, 2019.

For my rates, project discussions and others,  you may send your inquries to with the subject head COMMISSION INQUIRY. Or you can buzz me over Discord at sorakotetsu#3046.

I do hope you'll take interest into what I have to offer!

You can view more of works over Facebook, Instagram, and Ko-Fi!

I'm now only in-charged with the encoding. My friends are in-charged of sprites and story, altho they seem to be busy already so it's now pending. ^q^ );;;;;;

Thank you so much! <3

Omg I hope you'll find it nice!

hello summer!

Thank you for the feedback!

My friends and I were having hard time managing our schedules but we are planning on making Haruman a whole game with actual storyline. :")