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Thank you very much!  glad you enjoyed those:)

thank you! Best of luck with the game project. 

thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed:)

Hiya, not to hand I'm afraid - also I made these in Logic and not with the neatness/process I might have for actual midis back in the day that I tended to make on notation software.

Thank you very much, I enjoyed working on it ✨

Thanks! ^_^

Heyy, thank you!  ✨

And thank You, so glad you enjoyed that one:)

Yooo thank you so much, I’m honoured! 

Yes - as per usage guidelines above:


You may use some or all of these tracks in your game as long as you credit me, Sara Garrard and/or

If you make some money with your game or plan to, a donation is appreciated, but not obligatory. 

Also do let me know what you do with these, I'd love to see it!”

yes, you can use these tracks in your game with credit to me:) see the Usage terms for more info and how to credit. 

yes you may, and sell your game, as long as I am credited:) See the Usage section: 

“You may use some or all of these tracks in your game as long as you credit me, Sara Garrard and/or

If you make some money with your game or plan to, a donation is appreciated, but not obligatory.”

(You can use the music in games and in promotional material relating to the games eg a trailer on YouTube; you can’t use it in other situations like in a movie etc without asking further permission, and you can’t sell the tracks yourself.)

Thanks! Good luck with your projects.

Thanks for the link!  my French is pretty extremely weak but this looks like such a neat project from what I can see:)

^.^  Thank you, I'm glad it found a home in your game!

 Very nice! 

Thank you !  I'm all about that PS1 era FF.  Good luck with your project!

Thank you very much indeed!  Best of luck with your projects.

So pretty! 

Hi!  That is fine, thanks for asking.  Feel free to link it here when it's ready!

Thanks very much! good luck with your game !

Thank you ! 

Fab, thanks for letting me know.  How fun! and I think you picked a tune that matches really nicely to the cute style ^.^

Hi, exciting to hear!  thanks for letting me know - feel free to link it here when it's done

AHA, survived at last!  I think it took me 5+ tries not counting a few times I refreshed in disgust after the first couple nights ...  Definitely grabs you and gives a sense of urgency->satisfaction, I was hooked.

Oooh that's great, and thank you!  

...I died, I'll have to try again :D definitely the good choice of track for the mood.

Aww thank you very much!  I'm delighted this can bring joy:))

Thank you!  best of luck, I'd love to see what you make:)

I'm going to have to quit out now and try again for the last (?) level where I've got stuck, but this is awesome!  Delightful look and feel and it's an adaptation of House of Many Ways!!!  Also seriously challenging, at least for me and my ability to reckon ahead haha but gives a very rewarding feeling to progress.

I passed!  I feel very accomplished.  very cute and fun:)

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Another Spring, another big lockdown game music project.......

Does your game need a score with strongly defined sound covering both high intensity action and all the Emotion, giving you a clear narrative through-line with recurring themes including a song?  Do you want the soundtrack to a world ranging from ancient traditional instruments to distorted guitars?  Does your game specifically need more TAIKO DRUMS and ELECTRIC CELLO?

I thought so.

There are 31 tracks and cues in the full Infinity Crisis COMPLETE pack, $22 and can be used in commercial projects, and 10 in the free CORE* pack.

I tend to do a lot with retro, old school, midi-type sounds.  This is not that.  We have big near-full-orchestral sounds, on Processional/Stay Thy Tears, heavy guitars and various friends on the battle tracks, and I'm particularly pleased with the relative realism/expressiveness on the "traditional ensemble" piece, Now is the Cherry in Blossom.

(*Yes, Infinity Crisis…..CORE, Crisis Core, a not unintentional nod to a certain PSP game — the idea is like: if last year's Infinity Crystal was Final Fantasy, here is the slightly unexpected modern sequel/prequel/spinoff!  But one of the things I liked about the Crisis Core soundtrack was how unexpected and specific it was in terms of ideas and instrumentation - all those twangy guitars and classical string quartet - and so to be inspired by it I had to make something that was a bit unique too, and didn't borrow its sound.  …Well, except to include some loud guitars.  I figured those were okay.)

Anyway, thanks for checking it out!  You can listen through all the tracks on the page before downloading — as there are quite a lot, let me know if you you'd like recommendations or to know if a certain mood etc is covered.

Eee yes, that would be great!

This looks so nice and pretty and there's such a lot to explore!  I found Mr Rabbit but have gone back to have a look at the other side of the park (and be yelled at by a goose, apparently, haha!)

So clever!  all the neat little effects.  Also just zooming around with certain restrictions no longer applying to one was just really delightful and fun!

Really fun and feels so neat!  got sucked to hell because I was curious, and then mightily called out by the left shoulder angel telling me go to bed a little earlier aahh okay.

That was great, very satisfied helping all spooky folks:D  And the 45 scents is impressive! (I got such a giggle out of Old Coffin / NEW Coffin for some reason.)

I arrived on your page via the bitsy keyboard and I think I'm going to be just playing through a bunch:)  

This was great, both atmospheric and challenging.  I had to chant to myself upleftup4left2down ... (and when I got to the end of the section I thought "o but i wonder what happens if you go off the path; I guess I'll bump into a wall..." NOPE!)  The last one was cool because it was tense and because it made you go slow.

Thank you!

So nice and neat!  especially like art/colours, reminds me of a sweater ^.^

Super!  I enjoyed getting all the endings. Really like the writing.

Thank you, this looks just the thing to let me fiddle around in bitsy without spending ages attempting to draw things! not to mention the items are super cute and can probably inspire stories and characters in themselves.