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Sol and Chet are so absolutely wonderful, and I adore them!

I've been devouring your Sol and Chet games over the last few days and have absolutely loved every moment of them. I'm completely charmed by Sol and Chet and their relationship, and it was wonderful to see Bill's development and friendship with them too!

An absolute delight to experience. I couldn't have enjoyed this more!

So sorry for this late response, I wanted to reply once we had updated the game but it took us longer than expected! We read your playthrough together while on call and absolutely loved it. Our apologies on behalf of that elusive document stealing bird...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game even getting the Frustration ending. Amber, Carmine and the town will be waiting if you do decide to go back and figure out the mystery!

Thank you for your suggestion about the image description for the photographs, we have now included one! We also added a bit to Amber's first diary entry to make it clearer that he is a man and uses he/him pronouns, since we realised his name probably prompted some confusion and that we hadn't been as clear about that as we intended.

Thank you so much for sharing your playthrough and your thoughts about the game. It made our day when we read it back then and it was wonderful to reread it when I came back to reply today!

This is fantastic, I can't wait to play with my partner!

Gorgeous. I absolutely love it!

"A place with things that are not mine but belong to me." Spectacular. I absolutely loved this, and the experience of playing it.

Thank you so much!

This is so special. I love it...

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! And I completely understand that preference.

Unfortunately I was asleep over the last hours of the jam and only just woke up so I have missed the submission deadline by like an hour RIP.... 

We really appreciate it still, and thank you again for this wonderful jam and for your kind words!

Hello! My partner Nathaniel Oldrin and I were working on a game for this jam, but uh.... unfortunately we got a little carried away with our concept and it has ended up as 19 pages long, quite a bit above the suggested length. Please let us know if we can still add it as a submission, but otherwise we'd like to share it with the host and other participants anyway since we were inspired by the jam, so here it is:

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful jam, we will be looking forward to experiencing everyone's entries!

My apologies for my late response, I didn't see your comment until now! Thank you so much for your feedback and I'm very glad that you had a good time playing!

Hi! My apologies for this late response, I didn't see it until now. Due to the recurring themes of trauma and isolation that the player's character has to encounter and process throughout the game, I would not recommend it for kids at that age. I would personally rate it as PG13. I hope this helps!

Fantastic! I played this on a video call with my partner and we had a blast. Died several times because my rat catching skills were lacking, but working on improving...

Absolutely love this. The sprites are fantastic and I adore the overall style, ambience and story. Just about to start my second playthrough!

Delightfully unsettling at first and then steadily more and more horrifying. I especially love how the extended results table makes it, for lack of better words, immeasurably horrifying. 

Totally love this - I especially love how thorough and detailed the Entity Generator is. A fantastic first version, and I can't wait to see more of it!

Fabulous ambience and visuals! I'm having the same problem as others with being unable to type anything with the typewrite, but I'm looking forward to playing more of this in the future.

Ohhh this was absolutely spectacular. I loved every minute of exploring and learning about Clara and Evelyn. Such a beautiful, poignant game!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'll be working on them in August and hope to have them ready by early September!

I really love this, thank you so much for sharing!

Working on my playthough of this incredible game, one day at a time. Blows a kiss to Apocalypse...

I finally got a chance to play this and I absolutely loved it! Incredible atmosphere and deeply moving.

That sounds incredible, I would absolutely love to read it!

That sounds absolutely wonderful, please do let me know if you do!

Hello again, it's nice to hear from you again! I typically update to add five community copies each time I get five sales on a game, I've added some extras this time. I hope that your friend enjoys!

Thank you so much, all the best to you too!

 I definitely understand about avoiding Twitter... I am pretty much only on there for ttrpg related things now. I have updated the game now, thank you so much for your interest in the game!

The rules state positive representation (no stereotypes), not positive characters. The rules also clarify that having LGBTQ+ characters who are killers or villainous in other ways is perfectly acceptable. Many games and stories have presented LGBTQ+ characters as stereotypes rather than developing them as their own characters: this is what is not allowed for the jam. 

This rule is not pushing any ideas onto anyone else, it is here to request that people submitting their work to the jam create and treat their LGBTQ+ characters with respect. 

Hello, I'll be updating the game tomorrow and adding extra community copies then! Please also feel free to drop me a message on twitter anytime and I'll be happy to send you a download key.

This is phenomenal. Absolutely incredible atmosphere!

I absolutely love the atmosphere of these. I can't wait to try them out! 

Delightful! <3

Thank you so much for your feedback, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your playthrough! I especially loved the names you gave the ships, The Time for Tea is Now is my favourite!

Thank you so so much for your feedback and for sharing your constellations - they are gorgeous!

Thank you so much for sharing your playthrough, I loved the journey your character and his faerie prince went through together and it was an absolute delight to read! And thank you for your kind words too, I appreciate it so much!

I love this so much! The illustrations bring such a charming and extra magical feel too it too.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I wanted the player to have various options for their final decision, which could be influenced by the card prompts but also by the player's individual interpretations of them so it doesn't seem like any ending is less viable or valid.

Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope you enjoy my other games!