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somewhere with stories

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There are community copies available and I am also happy to create some download keys!

This is such a cute and creative concept, I can't wait to try it out soon!

Absolutely love this so far!

Absolutely love this!

Fantastic design and concept!

(& a haiku RPG jam sounds excellent)

Absolutely love this, a lovely concept and charming execution!

Absolutely love this, I can't wait to print this out and slip some into some library books!

I absolutely love everything about this concept and presentation, I'm looking forward to playing it!

Yes! The findings work as prompts to build upon in the journal entries you make while playing.

This certainly turned out to B excellent!


I've come back to refer to this since starting work on my second Wretched and Alone game and it's been so so helpful. Thank you so much for this incredible and wonderfully made resource!

This is an absolutely wonderful poem presented in such a creative way, I adore the progression and the shifting colours and everything about it!

I tried this out today and I absolutely loved it! A wonderful game and a fascinating journey.