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Nice! Thanks so much.

It occurs to me that it might actually be really nice to have empty versions of the bookshelves and things. That way we could more easily edit in our own shelf clutter.

Not that editing stuff out before putting new stuff in is super complicated but it's just a thought.

Very nice. I look forward to future furniture sets in different styles. More options are always nice.

On a suggestion note ... any thoughts on a construction site pack? I know your Urban Modern pack has some construction equipment but I mean something with steel girders with wooden walkways for a large construction site or a wooden frame for a smaller house. Maybe some stuff for an excavated hole where you'd put some basement levels or something.

Not sure how in-demand that is but it might be a nice addition for an urban setting.

Some martial artist and thief/rogue ones would be pretty spiffy.

4-way modern vehicles? Oh joy. When I have money this is at the top of my list of things to get.

Seriously, I don't, for the life of me, know why so many other modern resources only do cars and trucks from two sides in order to fit in parking spaces.

Well the straight AddCBuff and debuff commands don't fit with what I've been trying to do ... but I think a chunk of what's causing me problems is that I'm using this in conjunction with the VS plugins and for some reason the base creation of stats and the leveling curves and the like work with it but ... I can't seem to get any of the other notetags for buffs, debuffs, or the dynamic parameters to ever actually apply.

I may be missing something really simple but ... is there an easy way to have a state/item buff or debuff a value by a certain amount (either set amount or by an equation)? 

For example a state that reduces 'wis' by 4.

Or a state that would buff your attack value by 1/4 your 'str' and 1/4 your 'int'

I saw and it works fantastically. Thanks so much.

Well that's fantastic to hear, thank you.
Not being able to jump in games is one of those things that always low-key bothers me and anything that makes it easier to add jumping into games I make is a great relief.

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Nice, simple plugin that works like a charm in MZ.

One small suggestion. Would it be possible to set, within the plugin, an option for the character to jump different distances if they're standing still, simply walking, and if they're running? I tried eventing a solution with unfortunately less than ideal results.

Edit: It also occurs to me that being able to set a region the character can't jump over would also be nice way to do things like keep the player from jumping through trees.