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Got your game as a free corona give-away & enjoyed it pretty much - it has a nice nostalgic feel, its especially the music i like - quite the mood maker. So thanks & stay corana safe (i´ll go find some place to donate some money for this one)

Hello, dear Andy

After receiving your post, i checked out Mable once again in my itch-lib - whatever has happened the past week, the missing "install"-option for Mable is back. The direct downloads for the .zip archives are back working too.

So whoever fixed this, thanks - sorry to bother. Im downloading just now & looking forward to play.

Hello, I just bought your game here. Its displayed properly in my itch library - but when doing Download > Install there it just keeps telling me "no compatible uploads found for this title".

There seems to be something missing from your side - the offered download link is not vaild. So i bought, but cannot play - pretty embarrassing. Would be nice to have this fixed - thx!

came on this by chance - actually a great & hilarious game, which deserves more attention!

Looks lovely, but, alas, melts my graphicscard. Its a pretty old one (Geforce 660Ti), but still should be able to handle this type of game at a reasonable temperature. Indie games based on Unity engine often seem to have that issue (but not all of them) - dont know why, maybe needs some kind of framerate limit? - Anyway, game looks nice, though i did not dare to play for long - best of luck to devs!

Promising start for a game, want to play more.

Hope it gets as good as your other one, keep it up!