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Great work on this! Was so cozy and relaxing. The art style and music were really charming too! <3

Super creepy! Loved it :D

The demo is fantastic! I love the movement and puzzles, but you really nailed the environmental design as well. Everything feels very cohesive!

Personally I'd love to see some different sound effects for the NPC dialogues, but maybe that's something you had planned already :D

I was also thinking it might be nice to have a bit more indication on when you should drop objects for objectives. Maybe like a lil UI bubble appears when you bring an item over to the NPC/Puzzle to show that you should drop the object now. But that's just a minor thing and the gameplay isn't heavily affected without that.

Overall the game is shaping up to be amazing! Can't wait to see the other environments and characters you'll get to meet. Keep up the good work!

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Overall this is a really big improvement from the previous demo I tried!

- The movement speed is pretty on point and you can easily combo your dash and double jump to get around even faster. Really enjoyed combo-ing those two

- I LOVE the shooting mechanic when it came to platforming. Would love to see this expanded on and used a lot more in levels. Maybe have targets that require you to shoot more than once to inflate even, so you gotta rapid spam the shoot.

- The camera jump that happens when you open your glider is a big jarring. When you do a dash the camera flows very well, but as soon as you open your camera it kind locks on to this spot and i'm not sure if that's a bug or not.

- Aside from the glider issue mentioned above, I think the camera feels quite good and polished!

- I really liked the glider boosting hoops (i have some of those in my game as well lol!) and i think they'll help give the glider a lot more use so definitely want to see more of those!

- Would really like to see some more movement combos, maybe that you can unlock later in the game? Every time I did a dash I just wanted to hit the dash button again right as i touched the ground to start doing some belly slide hops or combo into another, smaller dash.

Great work though man! Can't wait to see where Goobi goes next :D

Really fun and super difficult platformer heehee :3

The movement is spot on and there's some great game-feel to the jump. I also like that you have to unlock the double jump in each levels. Makes you plan out your runs each time!

Some of the slime hitboxes are a bit buggy and there are a few spots in level 2 and 3 where I got stuck because I didn't unlock the double jump yet. The difficulty could be toned down a bit imo, but I still enjoyed playing it! Sound effects and art style art spot on as well :)

One of the best Jam games I've played in a while! It's a ton of fun and really impressive to see it built in such a short time frame. Great work! <3

Feeling proud of my highscore of 28 :')

Seriously a fun little game though <3 The music and the little sound effects just add some much charm to it all. Game feels super polished too! There are some hand combinations that make it impossible to pass through unfortunately, but aside from that I think it's a ton of fun!

Insanely fun game, and made in just 2 weeks? Super impressive!

- Movement was perfect. I loved the ledge grab as well and it just has that nice lil bounce-y flip when you jump from it that felt so satisfying that I wanted to keep ledge grabbing things lol.

- Combat is a lot of fun and has a nice challenge to it. Hits felt juicy and I actually really enjoyed the hand to hand combat a lot! Might've even enjoyed using it more than the spear at times haha. I forgot I had the gun after a while since the melee combat was the most engaging but still enjoyed having the gun there which I used towards the end.

- Art style is beautiful and I LOVE the animations. Nothing else to see there, just chef's kiss.

- As soon as the music started I immediately went "oooooo" and starting boppin' my head. It went so well with the game's vibe and was just too good. Once I saw that it's made by Yoppi I went "oh, no wonder this is so good!"

- Couple of bugs here and there but nothing that stopped the game or crashed. The enemies falling into pits was a bit glitchy at times.

Overall I'd love to see more of this game. Would easily pay money for a full-game version with more weapon types, monsters, bosses, and worlds to explore!

that was a fun little platformer! The last level was pretty tough, but overall I enjoyed it :)

The controls felt really good and I liked the simplistic art style a lot. If you ever decide to revisit the project, I think adding some interaction to the foliage would be a really nice touch.

Great demo! I see a lot of potential here and I'm already fond of little Goobie. I actually didn't come across any bugs in my run (6:30 to finish) but I've got some feedback below that I hope will help!

- Turning feels great, you've got a good amount of leaning with the model.

 - I'm not sure if this is a bug or an intentional combo, but if you do a roll and then a spin attack you get this really like boosted roll combo. Once I found that I was doing it non-stop and it was a lot of fun. If this is an intentional, I'd recommend making the combo a bit harder to do so that it's more rewarding when you land it.

- The wall jumps feel really good, but I think there definitely needs to be a ledge grab. I thought I saw that in your devlog before but maybe I'm mistaken.

- Part of me likes how swift the roll is, but the other part of me feels like it's a bit too swift and makes the controls feel kind of jarring. I can see that it's a quick action to give the player full control of it, but it definitely loses some game feel because of it imo. Maybe you could add a quick force to goobie when you perform a roll so there is more impact to the action. Almost like goobie is pressing off a wall of air right before performing the roll? The force could vary depending on when you perform the roll since I noticed the roll can be performed regardless of how high you jump.

These are all just ideas though and things I noted while playing, but regardless I think the demo was awesome so far and I'm excited to see the game progress. I hope some of my feedback was helpful man and feel free to dm me on discord if you ever want me to discuss more about my thoughts on everything! :)

Really awesome game! I love the concept here and I found a lot of the puzzles to be challenging actually! 

I usually don't play a lot of puzzle games cause I suck at them (lol), but this one has a nice balance and the new features kept things engaging throughout the experience!

What a cute and charming little game :) I really enjoyed the dialogue and how it all came together in the end. Well done!

Thanks so much for playing and for leaving a review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I really enjoyed watching your play through. It means the the world to me seeing people have fun playing my little games <3 I loved your reaction to the ending haha!

Fun little game! Love the art!

Thanks for playing and sharing! Glad to see you could find them all :D

This game as a ton of fun! Would love to see some more spell varieties but the ones you have in are already a ton of fun and keep the game interesting each round!

This was so great. The music really tied in well with this emotional dialogue. Loved every second of it <3

Hey Doroc! Unfortunately the game's UI doesn't support 32:9 right now. You should be able to select it from the Resolution dropdown option but a lot of the UI will get cut off. If possible, I'd suggest playing the game in Windowed view by unticking that Fullscreen option. You shouldn't see any of these stretching issues in Windowed view but feel free to reach out if you still notice any weird behavior.

Sorry for the trouble, getting 32:9 resolution is tricky and I'm trying to figure out the UI support for it but I appreciate you checking out the game and hope you're able to enjoy it still in Windowed!

Haha glad you found it! And thanks for playing :

Thanks for playing

No worries! I'm sure the ai stuff will be an on going task of this project but keep up the good work friend! I'm excited to see your game continue to develop and can't wait to play it's finished release!

never played anything like this before but I'm glad I did. This game was so dope. Visuals were out of this world and sometimes I'd just sit there staring at them. I think I enjoyed the soundtrack most of all, really relaxing and fit the vibe perfectly. 

Thanks for playing!

Woobeewoo Time is a short and sweet exploration game where you play as a little mudscamp named Woobeewoo who's been tasked to gather all of the lollipops around the swamp! This game is based on an episode of Adventure Time titled "The Hard Easy" (S4 E23).

Download the game here:

Amazing work! Been following your development for a while now and it was so much fun getting to play through the game. I was surprised at the amount of content in the demo! Really fun play through and only noticed a few small bugs that i'll mention below:

- After finishing the demo, the cursor is no longer visible in the main menu for some reason. But you can still select options, I think it's stuck behind the UI.

- I noticed my skele minion got stuck in the corner of the lady wizards house when u go rescue the pig. He was spazzing out.

- There seems to be a lot of jitter with the player and npcs when you move. Not sure if it's just me but it's quite noticeable.

This game is FANTASTIC. Really loved playing it! Took me a handful of tries but I finally cleaned up the river :D Loved everything from the art to the music <3

This was such a kind and beautiful game. I really enjoyed every minute of it from the art to the story and just everything in between!

Really cool game man, well done!

This game really hit home for me. I was not expecting it to be this good, but man what an awesome ride. Absolutely loved getting know each character. They felt so real and fun to be around. The combination of great dialogue and simple gameplay really made me feel at home in every scene. And to top it all off, the music is AMAZING. Seriously, I love love love the soundtrack in this game. 

Thanks for the awesome game guys, this is a true gem and deserves more attention in the indie game community. It's been a while since a game put a real smile on my face and made me wish the story never ended <3

This game is a ton of fun and I love the aesthetic of everything. It's definitely a difficult game but once you get the hang of things you're able to get a flow going. Keep up the good work! 

Really fun and goofy game. Also super cool to see it was made in Godot! Nice job :)

Very chill game. I love the scenery of the map but it was pretty hard to view it at times because you're locked to one camera angle the entire game. I'd suggest allow the player to reposition the camera somehow so you can view from a different angle. Also some of the world bounds were misleading at times. For example, it looks like you can walk to the graveyard from the end of the frog shrine place but it doesn't let you which makes you back-track a lot. Still, great job on the visuals and sound design!

Saw this post on your Instagram and decided to try it out. Really enjoyed the art style and the story was very cute! The portraits at the end were a very nice touch, great job!! 

Awesome visuals and great gameplay! I can tells these levels had a lot of thought put into them because they had good game time and were a good challenge. Nice work!

This game is great! I was really addicting to the game mechanics but I'm pretty awful at it lol! Only got up to 7 points 🤣 Great sound effects as well, awesome work!

Thanks for playing! And yeah I completely agree, having a small tutorial was a high prio on my to-do list along with audio but I couldn't make it in time for Jam so I had to settle with a tutorial description on the game's page. Sorry about that! I hope to return to this with some updates and having a tutorial is for sure on the list!

thanks for playing! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :) I've ever heard of that sound generator site before so I'll definitely check it out! Also thanks for letting me know about the bug on nightmare level 3, I'll look into that :) I'll be sure to give your game a play through and leave some feedback as well!

Thanks for playing my game and giving some feedback! I really wish I had time to add audio and I was also hoping to have some sort of tutorial with cutscenes to make the objective more clear in the beginning but the jam time got the best of me. I'll be adding these things in a future version though :) i also made the player have a round collision shape which explains why he slides off the edges. Probably not the best design choice for collisions.. might need to change it to a rectangle. Thanks again for playing!

Woops sorry about that! Just added the Linux version in the downloads. Let me know if you have any issues :)

I loved the art style, the little guy was so cute and so were his transformations! I was a bit confused one what the transformations were for though however. The levels were beatable without needing to eat the mushrooms // transform from what I was seeing, but overall great job on the game I could see this art style going far!