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A member registered Jun 07, 2020

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Fantastic game.  Just finished all levels, loved getting a new mechanic in most new worlds.  Great ramp up from a simple level 1 on each world, to something more complex by the end.  The final 3-4 puzzles of each world are the real challenge, and I personally found 9-12 to be the hardest

This game has potential to be a lot better.  I saw this was a game done in a week, and I think it's great for such a short time.  And saw that development on it is shelved for the time being.


Art style is cool

Inn and battle music

Great potential for expansion


Text is incredibly hard to read

Text is cut off when checking/taking a potion or scroll (I thought it said "You sense Lures")

Repetitive grind to level up

Ogres are a pain to beat/escape

Magic healing is only worthwhile against weak enemies

Hit rate is unclear.  The strongest attacks hit 99% of the time, then randomly will miss 5-7 times in a row, then go back to hitting 99% of the time

Glitch where the top and bottom of the screen don't finish transition

Most of the cons are minor annoyances, I think the game is really good (if not very grindy).  If there ever is an update I'd love to see stuff like buying better weapons and armor, dungeons, quests, and NPC interactions