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Thank you, and when you have the time ima need you to explain your profile picture.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for playing. The sfx were fun to make as well.

The moos were also my favorite part.

Thanks so much.

A nice giant spider web of cows.

Sound fx were a nice touch of my brother coming up to me and asking if he could just do all the sound fx himself. Kind of fun.

Thanks for playing :

Thank you!

A good cowboy is a practiced cowboy. ;)

Thank you.

I really appreciate it. Thank you for playing! The score is based on how many cows are in the grass at the end of the game.

Extremely clever mechanic that is executed well. Love this game.

Very cool idea, a little difficult to play

Cool concept but I had trouble getting past anything in the beginning. I ended up merging with the red slime and then couldn't get out of the room. I figured it had something to do with the torches, but I couldn't get all of them lit at the same time.

I knew somebody would mention it. It was a lot of fun to make.

Tough game, but very well executed. :)

I was boppin to the music the whole time.

Very satisfying to collect more fish, and very devastating to lose them all. All my fish died, all of them.

Like a modern, very scary, golf

I love slowly getting larger. But I got pretty far where there were planets clipping in and out of view and I didn't really know if I was getting larger. I just kept hearing the planet clicking sound. Is there an end game? I did find it really satisfying though.

I like the art style and gameplay!

I didn't end up playing it with a friend, but I bet it's much easier if you're just controlling 1 character. Love the art and the mechanics.

The characters are super cute and I love the little crouch/switch character animation. Question: have you ever heard of the flash game Fireboy and Watergirl? Because this is giving off some strong vibes from that game.

I love the character art!

I found this game difficult, but love it nonetheless. Great use of the theme!

Skill cap on this is kinda crazy. Difficult in the beginning, but you slowly get the hang of it. Love it.

Art style : killed it. For me, I love making large armies or things in any game I can, so lucky for you, this game kind of satisfies that. Fun game, great art style, love it.

Thank you! :)

is 25 too low? I felt pretty good with 25

Classic concept of switching between players executed very well.

Love the art style

Even though it's simple, I love the art.

Super original, love it!

Thank you for playing. I appreciate the play through. I'll check out your game as well!

Thank you. I fully agree with you.

Thank you for the play through.

There are a few mechanics in the game that I failed to represent clearly or make sense of. One of which is landing the ship on other planets by activating the landing gear, and rotating the ship in the correct orientation for a proper landing. This allows you to mine materials off other planets, pause the use of oxygen, and give you a point for relaunching (in turn, saving fuel). P.S. Ditching the ship gets rid of whatever mined materials you have collected.

I definitely have a lot to improve on when it comes to game design. Thank you for your response.

Thank you, I’ll check it out ASAP!

Thank you. Prompts were really a missed opportunity in this game. I appreciate the play through though!