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Thnx for the feedback.

No, its not possible to move the minimap. Why do you want to move it?

For those fatal errors. I think you click to fast on a button with the mouse, When the game starts wait 3 or 4 seconds before playing. The game has to load the dungeon and I am still working on a methode to make it so that it is not possible to do anything before the dungeon is loaded.

When the game starts then it will first load the information from the save file, after loading the save file it will build the dungeon and places all the content. This takes a short time.

A Idle dungeon crawler.

A Dungeon crawler with randomly generated dungeons where it is possible to play with the arrow keys or to let the hero do his work. its a work in progress, but fully playable. Slay the monsters, open chests en go deeper and deeper into the dungeons.


I am Solvius.

As a hobby I try to make games in GameMaker. Idle dungeon is my latest project.

I hope that people have fun with it. Its a Idle dungeon crawler and its fully playable.

Because the game is a work in progress I will add stuff.

Greetings to all you players.