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Hi Echo.

I finally got to download your game after purchasing it more than 100 days ago, due to my internet having been limited at that time.

Started playing today and was struggling to put it  down.

The artwork is amazing first of all.

What you have done with the setting, the camera and the music... the timing that you used to implement each change in these effects was just brilliant.

Most of all... The Story! 

I'm currently at a place where an Airship is arriving and cannot wait to come back from work tomorrow to see what happens.

So far from me, you get a thumbs up.


Thank you Echo for the quick response. I will see if I can make  plan soon.  I've been waiting way too long to play this.

*The name of the (is-________.temp) folder keeps changing each time I try. But the file path stays the same with the required FileList-1.1.2..text always at the end.

Hi. I'm having an issue with the game set-up. It is giving me an error message when I try to install the game on my PC.

I have tried installing it into a different folder where I keep all my game as well but it still gives my the same error.

I purchase the game while I was visiting my sister because where I live I don't have much internet connection. Then I just brought the ( Gaias Melody Ehoed Melodies .zip ) file with the update back home with me.

Could this be because I did not install it on same PC as I downloaded from.

Runtime Error (at 91:364):

Cannot open file


Will appreciate any help.