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Hi. I'm having an issue with the game set-up. It is giving me an error message when I try to install the game on my PC.

I have tried installing it into a different folder where I keep all my game as well but it still gives my the same error.

I purchase the game while I was visiting my sister because where I live I don't have much internet connection. Then I just brought the ( Gaias Melody Ehoed Melodies .zip ) file with the update back home with me.

Could this be because I did not install it on same PC as I downloaded from.

Runtime Error (at 91:364):

Cannot open file


Will appreciate any help.


*The name of the (is-________.temp) folder keeps changing each time I try. But the file path stays the same with the required FileList-1.1.2..text always at the end.

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You'll need to be connected to the internet on the computer you're installing on as it downloads additional files. The actual install is about 4.5 GB total. Unfortunately I didn't have a very nice way of uploading that directly here without requiring users to download 7 different files (max upload size is 750 MB). If you can download it on another computer I can make an installer that won't require an internet connection for you. 

Thank you Echo for the quick response. I will see if I can make  plan soon.  I've been waiting way too long to play this.