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i win

wurm must get green bits but wurm cant find any more green bits

a permanent administrative office or department, especially a governmental one.

thanks :)

I'll look into it, sorry about the problems! Hope you were still able to take some nice pics though!

oh yeah that sounds like a bug. I hadn't really seen that before but if you send me screenshot or more info about it I'd really appreciate it so I can fix it!

its a dirby dees

seems like you got lost

Thank you so much!

Of course I can explain. The second screen is basically just a render texture that's rendering another camera. There are two versions of the terrain mesh, one with an unlit material for the normal camera and one with a colorful standard material for the screen camera, which is why you get the 3d perspective only on that second screen. Then there's just a bunch of post processing effects like bloom on the second camera to make it look nice and different.

I'm probably gonna be posting my source code soon so you can see for yourself!