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jetpack is fine, just walking is a basic ability in all games and without it i might as well be a moon lander model

Im not gonna download a random game, just upload an exe like everyone else.

why cant i move without my jet pack? its very annoying. also the goal is very unclear, also the sensitivity on the controller aiming is so slow its unusable

over all not fun, give clear goals and fix controls

cute but the controls are painful and unintuitive, if that is the case, no matter how good the design or art is, the game will be back. fix the controls and the way you navigate menus. also there are quite a few visual bugs.

good start but it needs a lot of work.

agreed, also a wider field of view is needed, its hard to map out my next move when i cant tell whats 2 blocks away from me. 

sounds and feels great though, the stereo on the SFX is very cool

Obviously it looks good, so good work on that. 

you have conflicting styles of play, on one hand i want to zoom round really fast and slash up lots of enemies devil may cry style due to the fast movement and a dash but that is stopped by the slow attack times, very small attack radius and no stun locking like abilities. If you want tactical more realistic combat highlight that and ditch the dash and fast speed and vice versa

all the weapons suck to use, they just aren't fun. hammer takes to long to recover from attacks and has terrible range, the spears heavy attack is a short range??? why, its a spear.  

this wants to bad to be darksouls but lacks everything that makes darksouls good such as smooth and fluent combat and satisfying weapons with useful differences.