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I couldn't beat it, as I terrible at FNAF-style games.  But the lead up to the final level is one of the best I've ever played.  Top-notch VA, well-paced scares, and a super creepy tone.  Highly recommended, and if you can't bea the end, just watch one of the many excellent videos below!

This was well worth the time and money.  For those wondering, it's sort of a blend of the mechanics from P.T. and Layers of Fear, with a bit of REVII (the videotape mechanic). 

The story is disjointed, but I feel like I was able to make decent sense of it by the end.  Trying to piece together the mystery through the environment is one of the game's big strengths - you never feel completely in control or at ease.

I can't wait to play the rest of the Emika library, as I picked the bundle up on sale.  

I'm having an issue where there's no sound at all.  And since the options are only for graphics, I can't seem to get anything to work.

Any way to fix this?

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Playing this game solo was one of the most powerful moments in my entire gaming life.  Please consider contributing to this clever, meaningful, and introspective moment in solo LARP history.

Very interesting game.  It's like following a trail of breadcrumbs.  I know there's some pieces of the puzzle I missed, but I still think I have some idea of what was going on.

I'm totally lost, too.  I don't play many RTS games, so all I was able to figure out was how to move my units.

The production values are absolutely top-notch, but I don't really enjoy the running away through near-identical hallways aspect.  I definitely see promise and hope that this continues to improve and expand.  I'm excited to see a full demo.

I agree with the goodness, and am also wondering what her name is!

It's been a while since there have been any updates.  Are you still planning on continuing development?  Personally, I love the game as-is, but would also really like to see more content added.  Either way, I will be supporting you with a payment soon.  6+ hours on a "free" game means I should be giving something back to the developer!

I can't progress beyond the first couple minutes.  I ge the red card, but then either fall into the inescapable sewer pit, or simply wander around trying to figure out where the card goes.

I got the game running, but I don't understand how to play.  The only keys that seem to do anything just bring up the inventory.  It looked like I had the ability to attack for a couple minutes, but once I went to the forest, I literally can't do anything but run.  Any chance of a tutorial or similar?

Very spooky game.  I feel like the audio could be improved, especially the footsteps sounds, but overall I'm having a good time with it.  

This game is awesome!  The snake boss is a bit too much of a damage sponge for my taste, but the gameplay and visuals are terrific.

I'm having the same problem

Powerful stuff.  I really liked it, and it made me think.

Cool game, I had fun with it!

I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.  I liked the atmosphere and gameplay pretty well.  I wish there were health pickups and that the melee weapon worked a little better, but the shotgun is one of the most satisfying I've used in a while.  I could also use a map as it's easy to get lost.

I love the high-res sprites for the enemies, too.  Everything looks really good!

Is there a way to go fullscreen?

Great, I got it!  

Thanks for making this, it was a short but satisfying experience.

Ya got me good

Definitely unnerving

I love the creepy low-res look, and the overall feel of the movement is great.  I, too, would love to see the game that would come after this!

Super creepy.  The ending gave me chills.

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Spooky game but I got stuck duringh the loop with the spider paintings.  Any hints?

I like this, but I can't figure out how to get the good ending.  Any hints?

Is there a way to go fullscreen?

Cool experience.  I elected to take the red door and very much enjoyed the "whoa" moment at the end.

This was fun, and is the kind of game that makes me think about what was happening in the story.  I'm pretty sure I understood it.

I want to play this, but I get an error every time I try to run it.  It only has one file (the exe) and gives me an error that UnityPlayer.dll is missing.

Don't worry, that's definitely not a detail I caught on my own, but it *is* kind of mind-blowing when you think about it from a story perspective.  

Nice!  It's much better now, I was actually able to complete the game this time.  Some additional feedback:

The wand charges pretty slowly.  I would consider either making it charge faster or having an attack option that doesn't require charging, like maybe even just a swipe with your arm that does minimal damage but can push enemies back.

There's not much hit confirmation on enemies (though I usually could tell that I hit anyway).

The three spells you get are different enough to be interesting, and I LOVE the huge explosion and commensurate cost of the Fireball.

Sound design is great, I especially like the sarcophagus sound effects.

I really hope to see more of this!

Great experience!  Logical puzzles, excellent art, creepy sound, and good scares.  I loved it!

Shows promise, but the combat is a little clunky.  Still, I'll keep an eye on this one!

I'm going to keep an eye on this, since it's the kind of game I like, but right now I can't even hit the rat with the firebolt.  it just shoots into the floor and does nothing.  :/

A creepy and nice-looking game, but way too hard for me.  I'll have a look at another playthrough to see the rest of it.

Also, it annoys me how slowly the colt fires.  it's a semi-automatic weapon, so the slide doesn't need to be cocked between each shot.  you should be able to empty the clip into a lizzer in a few seconds.

I have no idea what was really going on, but it was damn creepy nonetheless.  Good stuff!