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I was enjoying this decently enough, but I had to quit because I kept having lag issues as soon as you assemble the mannequin.  Also, the visible range on the flashlight was literally giving me a headache.  It can light up fifteen feet to either side of you, but you can't see anything more than five feet in front of you?  It was driving me nuts.

I hope to come back to this later though.  The atmosphere and art design are great.

Very nice!  Interesting mechanics, great creature design, tense gameplay.  

Awesome look and feel, but I have a lot of issues with the gameplay.  There's  no mercy invulnerability, so getting hit by pretty much anything can kill you instantly.  When I literally die 6 times in as many minutes on beginner, there's something wrong.  I'm not that bad at games.

Forcing you to start with a melee character, and then having every enemy be able to kill you in a couple seconds while in melee seems like a bad design choice.

Also, I had a real issue with the poison left behind by the slimes, for similar reasons.  If it did a couple ticks of damage, that would be tolerable, but it literally killed me every time I accidentally walked through it.

I can see a lot of potential in this, but right now the mechanics are too merciless for me to get any fun out of it.  

Fantastic.  The wall scare is perfectly done - no scare chord, no scream effect, just a moment of "oh shit what was that".

Who would have thougth something this simple could be so damn tense?

100% pure entertainment.  I loved it!  Proof positive that having great art direction is more important that purely technical graphics.

Excellent game.  Good atmosphere and tension, great level of hints and challenge for puzzles.

Completely brilliant.  I suspected where it was heading, but the buildup was perfect.  

Slow burn creepy pixel art detective story = little slice of heaven.  Great work!

O ne of the most unsettling horror experiences in a while.  Well done!

This is a perfect example of how to build suspense to a good payoff.  I had a little trouble with really low mouse sensitivity but otherwise this was a good experience.

Even better than the first one.  I  just really like these games, and I love how you added some new gameplay elements.  Please do a new chapter and include May!

This game was amazing.  Not only did it make me jump, it gave me genuine chills, which is pretty hard to do - I don't scare easily.

I was wondering if there is a "script" for the non-subtitles voices of Amy and Michael. I can make out some of it, but not all.

Oh, and "I have the body of a pig" is freaking terrifying.