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Creepy game, even if I don't entirely understand what's supposed to be going on. Good use of the "looping corridor" concept.

I got it in a bundle from another site, so no refund for me. At least it didn't cost much to begin with. :/

I might be misremembering how the game was before this update, but weren't there more things (like bait) that could be bought in the store with sand dollars? Did that change because pearls can be purchased through Itch now?

Also, does purchasing the outfit packs unlock them immediately, or do they get added to the outfit store to buy? I'm not really interested in these ones in particular, but I might like other ones down the road. I'd almost rather them get added to the outfit store, as it gives a little gameplay extension.

Speaking of which, I'm really glad there's a new character. I had a ton of fun playing this when it first came out, but I have long since unlocked or purchased everything except the prototype net (and any that come after). I thought about doing it for completion's sake, but it seemed a little silly without anything else to do with my gems and cash. I'm trying to decide if I want to just grind while watching TV or plunk down a few bucks to unlock her. I never really play games with purchase-locked gameplay elements, so my "buy once, play forever" mindset is making it hard to decide. But seeing as I got this as a bonus when buying the AGL bundle during a sale, it's the least I can do to chip in a few bucks to help keep more content coming.

Well, it looks like I answered my own question!

I wound up here because this game is the example showing how to use the widget and just had to leave a comment.

Quick question: what images come in the art pack? Is it new content, or just hi-res images from the main game? I'm kind of in love with Ally and plan on buying this, but I wanted to see what's in the art pack first.

I picked this up on Steam, but it runs like garbage there for some reason, when it ran the Itch demo version just fine. It looks like I'm not the only one with the issue. I made sure to have my laptop pick the dedicated GPU, which usually fixes stuff like massive frame drops, but no luck. Any suggestions?

I just picked this up on Steam, and for some reason, it won't save my mouse sensitivity settings. It saves everything else when I change options, but both sensitivity sliders always return to the default position. Anyone know how to fix this?

I really needed something like this in my life right now. I tried playing Windbound recently, and liked the atmosphere and crafting, but wasn't too keen on the combat. Summer in Mara scratches that tropical island adventure itch but in a gorgeous, relaxing setting. This is my current go-to for a stressful day relief game.

Pretty fun, a nice simple game with good action and a nice challenge and progression.

Oh, thank goodness, I really appreciate you replying. The opening really sucked me in but the piano was so jarring I got whiplash. Definitely going to give this a play then. Thanks for clearing that up!

Night Magic community · Created a new topic Type of Game?

I played the first couple minutes of the game, and after waiting through the intro text I started walking left. Imagine my surprise when a piano came out of nowhere and killed me instantly. And then I have to start over and sit through the long intro all over again?

The description shows cool looking puzzles and the title screen says "pixel horror", but I have to ask straight up: is this a meme/punishment game like I Wanna Be the Guy? Because that is the impression the piano gave me. The only horror is how silly that was and how much I don't want to sit through the intro again and again if there's a ton of trial and error.

I was lead to believe this was a horror sci-fi hentai roguelike visual novel. You really need to be more clear and descriptive in your game titles; it's easy to get confused.

For the bridge/drawer thing, I did see the interaction icon, but it hadn't occurred to click-and-drag. I just clicked on it and figured I needed something else in order to interact with it. I discovered I could move it completely by accident while madly clicking on it to try to get it to do something, lol.

Cool, I'll have to try that! It's a true credit to the level design and the agility of the PC that I had fun with this, because normally I am not a big fan of "run away from the thing" games. But here, I felt like I could keep one step ahead, and when I couldn't, it was because of poor planning and faulty mental mapping, not because the enemy is BS or the levels or controls are crap. No one-hit-kill plus a limited recovery options is a big plus as well.

I thought I might elaborate a little, too. Only (very minor) criticisms I can think of is that it took me a while to figure out that I needed to pull the bridge out to go left from the heart gate, but I got there in the end. That, and the clicking to interact text. I would frequently get confused about which button to press to examine, advance text, and dismiss text, and would often do the wrong thing by accident. Just a couple quibbles; nothing very major at all.

Several specifics for things that impressed me:

When I read it was voxel-based, I thought it was maybe just regular assets rendered with a highly-pixelated overlay or a forced low resolution. I've seen people try to do that to pass stuff off as voxels when they clearly aren't. I was pleased to see it was actually voxels, as it lends a sense of otherworldliness and childlike wonder to the game. Maybe because it makes me think of LEGO, which seems to fit the setting really well.

Speaking of otherworldly, the whole eyeball section blew my mind. The way the background shifts as you move is just mesmerizing without being too disorienting.

Descriptions while examining the room gave a good sense of who we are playing as, and I felt that I got good insight into the character.

Again, I loved this and am really looking forward to more!

That's probably it, then. Especially if it's rendering anything at a decent distance. More complex Unity games with long draw distances tend to be the hardest for my machine to deal with. It took a ton of tinkering to get (for example) Edge of Eternity to run decently for me because the scenery in the world is so far off to create a sense of scale. I can see pretty far into the distance in Witness, so that might be the culprit. I'd suck it up at like 15-20 FPS since I really want to play it, but can't even squeak more than about 3 FPS out of it. 

The lever was my best guess for the plates, but I thought I might have just not noticed it before. I'll absolutely play this again if you make some updates, it was a ton of fun, and I'd love to see what changes you do.

I've played the opening hour and I love what I'm seeing so far. The writing is excellent, the animations and design evoke the right mood, and the tension between danger and romance is an alluring part of the game design. As soon as I am financially able, I will be supporting this on Patreon.

Wow, what a great demo! This was excellent, I can't wait to see more!

A fun, spooky escape room game, really liked this. Creepy atmosphere and some good jump scares. Also, is it weird that I know enough Latin to be able to read everything here? Didn't even notice there was a translation for the colors until after I'd solved the puzzle. :)

Anyway, I enjoyed playing this, but I had a few bits of feedback/questions:

 - The first key was really hard to find. It's the only part I needed some help to get past. 

 - Was there a point to moving the cage? And what did the two ground plates unlock? I put stuff on them and they lit up, but I never noticed what they actually did.

 - The elevator jumpscare plays every time you ride it down. Got really annoying.

 - Definitely needs some interaction sounds, it was not always obvious what happens when you solve a puzzle.

This is so much fun! It took me a long time to find the last lever, and I got killed about 3 seconds afterward just before escaping. I love the feel of the movement; it would be really fun to be able to to the platforming without the pesky curse. The game actually reminds me a lot of City of Brass, an excellent FPP roguelike that also has a sweet sliding crouch and lots of loot to grab.


I liked it, short, simple, creepy, and effective.

For some reason, I cannot get this to run more than a snail's pace. Unity sometimes just does not play nice with my laptop, and I have no idea why. I confirmed Witness is running on the decidated GPU and not the integrated one. I don't know why this happens, but I guess I just can't play this. :(

I don't know why, either. Sometimes, it's an easy fix - Intel's integrated GPU doesn't always know when a game needs to run off the nVidia GPU on my laptop, so I have to switch them manually. But even doing that for this game made basically no difference. I have no idea why, it's like some Unity games (and recently a CopperCube 6 game!) just hate my PC. I can run UE4 games at max settings at 60 FPS, so it's not like my card's a total slouch for a laptop. I don't get it.

Weird. Very weird. Not really scary, but a bit unsettling, though that's somewhat canceled out by the not-so-great English. Still worth a go, though.

Not my favorite. I could not get a stable framerate and that pretty much made it impossible one the man shows up. For some reason, my PC hates small Unity projects even though it can run much better looking games at 60 FPS. Basically makes it impossible to accurately interact with anything while trying to run away.

Your description is spot on for this, that's exactly how I felt playing, too!

Congrats on such a great Jam game! Very spooky, and got me good.

It's hard to tell if this is any good because the controls and camera switches are so bad. It took like five tries just get around one of the early corners because of that, and then I wandered into a store and got completely stuck off-camera. 

Very, very spooky. I enjoyed this immensely.

I'm having the same issue. It just goes black after loading the level. There is also missing data it looks like, with things like TIP: #NAN null on the loading screen.

Yeah, it took me about ten tries to beat the tutorial, and after seeing the next level I just gave up. Way too hard for me, and I managed to beat Hotline Miami. It's such a cool idea, but telekinesis not actually killing enemies makes this way tougher that I think I'm able to deal with at my age. Maybe I'll come back to it later.

Nicely done. I found the tension of avoiding the creature pretty much perfect, I usually hate avoid-the-monster horror, but the set route made it a lot more fun to avoid. Also, the fact that it is silent was really creeping me out, like I jumped when I first saw it, then got chills the whole time I was in that room.

I swear I thought I had tried that, but I guess I wasn't doing it right. But thanks for the hint! I was able to get the final ending, I appreciate the help and listening to my compla-- er, I mean feedback. :)

This is really good until the monster appears, when it basically becomes unplayable for me. The very limited stamina for running is awful, but it's the doors that are the real problem. They require mouse movement, they don't stop when they are closed but continue to swing past the center point, the monster can block them, and you have to do this while also running away? I guess I'm just not that skilled anymore.

I'll come back and give it another couple tries, but I really hate when I'm enjoying good horror and then I die literally ten times in a row due to finicky controls.

Certainly! The atmosphere was very well done, giving that sense of foreboding and dread. I look forward to any more projects you might have lined up!

I've tried over a dozen times to get the good ending, and I cannot figure out what to do with the bear and how to deal with the deadly ghost. I translated the runes and spun the globe, but "Bear...Child..." and "She took my teddy" aren't helping me. I guess I am just missing something, but I've tried placing the bear in pretty much every location in the house (oven, shower, crib, rune table, fridge, cage, couch, TV, washing machine) - nothing. And having to figure this out with a ghost that kills you in three seconds is incredibly frustrating because there's no margin for error and no time to experiment.

Any hints on getting the good ending without completely spoiling it?

I had to restart a couple times because I once I fell through the floor, and once I fell into the center of one of the tower staircases.

Overall, pretty interesting, but I would have loved to see a bit more of the story. The text at the beginning sets up some pretty cool lore, and seeing the aftermath of that is good, but then I feel like it starts to fall apart a bit once you get inside the castle. 

Still, I had fun, and it's a hell of a lot better than anything I could manage in a month.