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This was a lot of fun!  I am not afraid of much, but being chased or stalked underwater is definitely one of my few phobias.  This was tense and enjoyable all throughout.  Thanks for a great game!

Oh man, thanks for getting back to me, this was a great experience!

Looks promising.  I like the feel where it's a cross between Dark Souls' deliberate combat with a Diablo style presentation.

Alrighty, then, time to bring my A game.  :)

Am I missing something in the gameplay?  The enemies are all faster than me, and the only one I can outmanuever is the one immediately to the left.  Do I just suck?

Is there a way to heal?  I took a hit and spent five minutes walking around with bloodstains obscuring half the screen before I gave up.  I love what I've seen so far, but I'm not always the best at avoiding monsters, so I'd love to know if that bloodstain is permanent.

For a 48 hour jam game, this is solid.  I like how the monster seems to move around so much while you're exploring, and I never really felt safe.  I also liked the voices cluing you in to the location of the key.

Fun little game.  Just enough things to manage at once without being overwhelming.  

So far so good!  The enemies are surprisingly creepy even though they are just placeholders, and the flow of the game feels about right.  I like that every light switch I've found is operational - it's still scary to open a door into the dark since there could be an enemy on the other side, but knowing I can dash in and turn on the light is nice.

Pretty cool visuals and atmosphere, but I really had a hard time what with the busy signal in the background the entire game.

Is there actually a solution to the TV room, or do you just have to brute force it?  I also had an issue with the game being too dark and the flashlight not throwing off enough light.  

Cool concept and design, but just a but too frustrating for me.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to:

A. Get pushed through the wall into the courtyard when I opened a door

B. Go all the way to the edge of the map to see the picture in the background.  Is that Muir Woods?

C. Fall of the edge of the map and get stuck in a lovely panoramic view of Muir Woods for all eternity.

There are worse fates.

I haven't laughed this hard in a while.  Honestly, for what this is, there's not a lot I would change.  Maybe have a rotating camera or allow preset camera angles to see into the back rooms a little more easily.  Sometimes my mob would make it a little hard to see anything.

But, yeah, this is great.


This was solid in every way.  Art design, level design, gameplay, world building.  It's great!  I've been on an old-school shooter kick lately (Heretic and Blood especially), and this fits the bill perfectly. Picking up the Steam version ASAP.

First off, I had a lot of fun with this.  You packed a lot of goodness into a 4 minute experience.

The main things I had feedback on were on enemy model or AI variety, in particular as relates to the long range Q attack.  It would have been cool if there were enemies that stayed at range and had a projectile attack so that the Q attack could be a little more useful.  Other than the pre-spawned enemies hiding behind the pillars in that one corridor, I felt like most of the time I couldn't zap anyone with the Q attack fast enough.

The other thing I was considering is whether a icon-based cooldown might be better than the colored bars for the abilities.  Though I do like how the color of the lightning corresponded with the bars.  I'm really not 100% sure which was would be better, but it was something I thought about.

Great job, and I look forward to seeing more!

I can't wait to play the full version.  I love the art style and the focus on elements and positioning.

Extrememly well done for a Jam game.  I like low-res, non-traditional creepy games and this is a great example.  This one definitely made me get goosebumps a couple times.

I get a crash to desktop every time I click on the red soda-can looking spell on the select screen.  

Also, maybe I'm just not used to playing shooters where you can randomly fall off the edge of the map, but that seems lke a bad design choice.

What I played looks and feels pretty good, but I couldn't get over the falling thing.

So this looks great, and the tutorials make it sound like a cross between Zigurrat and Lichdom: Battlemage, which is awesome.

But I can't play without being able to invert the right stick.  Is there an option for this that I maybe overlooked?

I know you released this a year ago, but in case anyone involved in this project sees this: you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves!

I had an absolute blast playing this.  It was atmospheric, had an interesting setting/story - though nothing particularly groundbreaking, it was enough to keep my interest.

I'm impressed to play a combat-oriented game as a student project, as that entails adding a whole lot of extra considerations to the game.  It worked out pretty well.

The level design was good; I liked how the house actually felt like a house instead of a random collection of disjointed rooms.

I encounted a few bugs, one of which made the final boss get stuck in a wall in teh second part of the fight, but it was still a great job overall.


- fixed bird arms

- added extra existential dread

- removed Herobrine

More horror games need to have subtle 4th wall breaks with horrible implications.  

I haven't watched a show with a laugh track since like 1999, so I think I might be in trouble...

I'm so glad I don't live alone...

I have no idea what that was all about, but it was sure weird and creepy.

So many bird arms.  I have no idea what's going on and I love every minute of it.

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My initial (see edit below) interpretation was that the "right-side-up" world was first moments after death, literally leaving  the world behind.  The...something...chasing after the character felt at first representative of not wanting them to move on. In retrospect, it felt a lot like Jacob's Ladder, but that might also be due to the street names from Silent Hill and how Jacob's Ladder influenced that series so much.

So getting to the "upside-down" world at first felt like ascension to a higher plane or something, but after finding my way back into the building, that changed.  I remember feeling like it was part 1 - Escaping and part 2 - Confronting.  I felt like the character had to return to his death to confront what he did and ultimately move on, whatever that entails.

The weirdest thing I thought after playing was wondering if the creature was trying to chase you away from the end, or into it,

May not have been the meaning you were going for, but that's what I took away from it.

EDIT:  Something was niggling me, so I went back and watched the ending again, and suddenly noticed something that literally gave me goosebumps (and still is as I type)

It was a pregnancy test.  Two lines.  Holy crap.  Wow.  I'm going to try to go back and play it myself again so I can look around the last couple rooms some more.  It looks like a murder/suicide love triangle maybe, but I obviously overlooked a lot of stuff when I played.

OK, so this is both fun and frustrating.  I wish there were some kind of hint as to what you miss when you lose.  I have lost several times and even taking screenshots I can't seem to figure out what I'm overlooking.

I really like this concept, but I guess these old eyes are just not sharp enough to actually win this game...

This was a lot of fun.  I got a bit frustrated at the runway maze in the second part, but knowing you're being stalked makes it more tense and encourages you to just keep moving.

The WHAM moment at the end was great, and a good example of powerful minimalistic storytelling.

This was a lot of fun, and actually a very moving experience as well.  The still scenes in the beginning were gorgeous, and the pacing of the main game was perfect. 

One of the most powerful and emotional experiences you can have for a ten minute game.  Incredible considering it was a week's worth of effort.  I look forward to Nemeses and anything else you work on!

Gorgeous, haunting, thought-provoking, meditative, and fun.

I can't believe I had so many feels in a game I finished in under ten minutes.  Well done!

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So a few things:

a) I'm a dumbass for not finding the flashlight.  I started this game at least three times and somehow overlooked it every time.

b) Mazes in first person games suck

c) I couldn't tell if the "ending" was that you couldn't acutally escape the error/virus.  I tried everything and after about 10 deaths just gave up.

d) While the game wears its PT and Layers of Fear inspirations on its sleeve, it's still very fun and scary.  Extremely good at building tension and not over-reliant on cheap jump scares. A perfect example of something being influencing without the end result feeling like a straight copy-paste.  PT has evolved from a source of copycats to creating a genuine style/genre, and Error#54 is a perfect example of taking that inspiration in a new direction.

Thanks for pointing out I was being stupid.  I'm really happy I got to play this.

So I didn't manage to finish because a) I got stuck and b) the heartbeat sound was driving me crazy.

The scares in this are legit though.  The shadows in the house and the hand on the paper really got me good.

I actually loved the paralysis ending.  Not only were the sounds and visuals creepy as hell, but the slowly dawning realization I was unable to do anything but quit the game was very effective.

I'm also curious about the trident-looking symbol on the gate and the tree, but unless I missed something I couldn't figure it out.  Maybe just dream symbolism?

I'm greatly heartened by this effort.  I've been wanting to make games literally my whole life but have never felt like I had the ability to do so.  This project gives me hope that there are tools I can work with that might let me do my own thing.

Thanks for this, I hope you continue to make more like this.

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I'm having similar problems with no response on launch.  What's the best way to get in touch with error logs and system specs? I'd rather communicate directly if possible.  Thanks!

I really want to play this, but it is so dark I find it impossible.  Is there a flashlight or something that I'm missing?  I've tried changing mym laptop's brightness and even playing with no ambient light at all, and it's still too hard for me to see anything.  

Creepy, but too dark.  Darkness only goes so far when creating atmosphere; if you can't see anything at all, then the experience gets a little ruined.  

Completely terrifying.  Nicely done!

Aamzing feat in building atmospherre and tension.  Pretty good if confusing payoff at the end.  Nice job!

Short, creepy, and well done.  Personally, I really enjoy horror games with a low-res aesthetic .  It makes everything so surreal .  I had a little trouble getting around with the controls, but in an environmental story like this that's not too much of a big deal.

Really well done.  I look forward to seeing more.  I like the story presentation, and how you play with the static nature of mannequins.