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Is there a way to go fullscreen?

Cool experience.  I elected to take the red door and very much enjoyed the "whoa" moment at the end.

This was fun, and is the kind of game that makes me think about what was happening in the story.  I'm pretty sure I understood it.

I want to play this, but I get an error every time I try to run it.  It only has one file (the exe) and gives me an error that UnityPlayer.dll is missing.

Don't worry, that's definitely not a detail I caught on my own, but it *is* kind of mind-blowing when you think about it from a story perspective.  

Nice!  It's much better now, I was actually able to complete the game this time.  Some additional feedback:

The wand charges pretty slowly.  I would consider either making it charge faster or having an attack option that doesn't require charging, like maybe even just a swipe with your arm that does minimal damage but can push enemies back.

There's not much hit confirmation on enemies (though I usually could tell that I hit anyway).

The three spells you get are different enough to be interesting, and I LOVE the huge explosion and commensurate cost of the Fireball.

Sound design is great, I especially like the sarcophagus sound effects.

I really hope to see more of this!

Great experience!  Logical puzzles, excellent art, creepy sound, and good scares.  I loved it!

Shows promise, but the combat is a little clunky.  Still, I'll keep an eye on this one!

I'm going to keep an eye on this, since it's the kind of game I like, but right now I can't even hit the rat with the firebolt.  it just shoots into the floor and does nothing.  :/

A creepy and nice-looking game, but way too hard for me.  I'll have a look at another playthrough to see the rest of it.

Also, it annoys me how slowly the colt fires.  it's a semi-automatic weapon, so the slide doesn't need to be cocked between each shot.  you should be able to empty the clip into a lizzer in a few seconds.

I have no idea what was really going on, but it was damn creepy nonetheless.  Good stuff!

Kind of wish it weren't tagged horror - this would be even better if you didn't expect there to be a twist.

For some reason, the poster made me think of Silent Hill 2 with Mary's letter, and how it will eventually go blank after a certain part of the game.  That's why I had the idea to keep looking at it throughout.

Manages to be both creepy and hilarious.  10/10, would throw baby across the room again.

Super scary stuff.  I really liked it.  Also that painting is amazing and terrifying.

Great game!  The first time I noticed the poster changing gave me the chills, and the ending was super creepy.  Well done!

I really liked this.  I had genuine chills a couple times, and I always like that more than straight jump scares.  Good stuff!

I played this on my 3DS and had a really good time with it.  Not too often that a point and click game gives me the willies.

Current build is 69MB lol

Excellent short horror experience.  More tension is packed into those few minutes than a lot of longer horror movies and games!

What a ride!  This was a masterclass in suspense, with a tense atmosphere all around.  It's rare that a game can both make me jump AND give me literal chills, but First Winter managed to do just that.  Thanks for making this!

Is there a bonus for finding all of the leaves?

This game kicks ass!  Thanks for a fun throwback that's interesting and challenging!

I was able to get the Windows version as well, so I've been playing two different characters, one on each platform.  I love this game, and I'm really happy to be able to play it on both formats.  Thanks for your hard work!

How do you go fullscreen in this game?  I tried all the F keys and ALT+Enter and nothing seemed to work.

I like what I've been able to play, but I'm completely stumped on a few puzzles.  I can't figure out the clock, even though I thought I knew the solution from a book, I can't figure out the bookcase, even though the note I found makes my solution appear correct, and I cannot find the third chess piece (zodiac and girl I got). I also couldn't find what the rusty key goes to.

Ambience and design are great, but I just got a little lost.

This has a real Layers of Fear vibe going, where things change while you're not looking at them.  There's no real story to speak of, but the title of the game couldn't be more apt.  For someone so young to creat something better than a lot of the indie horror titles I've played on Itch is a real achievement.

I can't even get the first key.  Is there something I'm missing?  The monsters are huge and seem impossible to avoid.

Let me preface this by saying I overall had a good time with this game.  the atmosphere is spooky, and the tension is terrific.  There's enough ammo to blast things that are directly in your way, but not nearly enough to kill everything, so it captures that old-school original Resident Evil feel.

The puzzles aren't crazy hard, but a couple of them are actually very clever.  The shadow puzzle in particular had a great solution.

That said, it's a bit janky, with lots of bugs.  Nothing particularly game-breaking, but sometimes text didn't always appear correctly, and the gunplay was occasionally really wonky.

Oddly enough, the thing that bothered me the most is when reloading the revolver, the PC ejects ALL the cartridges from the cylinder and then reloads, regardless of how many rounds are still in the gun.  The semi-auto pistol reload like you would think - one round at a time in the magazine on top of what you have left after firing.  But the revolver takes forever to reload anyway, and if you reload at any point your character has to replace all six rounds (though it doesn't seem to reduce your ammo count if you reload with existing rounds in the cylinder).

Still, the game design is very good, the monsters pretty creepy, and the atmosphere chilling.  I really hope the devs are working on more since this is touted as Episode 1.

This is wonderful, especially for a student project.  I deal with depression, and the hopeful message is really uplifting. I hope you all go on to do great things!

YES! I'm happy that it's still in development, as when I first played it I had a really good time in spite of the challening fights.

This is super fun and addictive.  Are there any plans to continue development? I like what's there already but I'd love to see more!

As far as looking to games for inspiration, I always think about Doom and Diablo.  Back when they were released, everyone (myself included) called similar games Doom clones and Diablo clones.  But now they are First Person Shooters and Action Role Playing Games.  

You can have a game that wears its inspiration on its sleeve and still distinguish it with unique mechanics or settings, just as Hostile Takeover does.  It's not a "Slay the Spire" clone, but a Tactical Roguelike Deckbuilder.

For the aggro portion, maybe one of the ninja's starting cards could be one that helps offset squishiness.  Dodge helps, but there are a ton of times where I need more than one move and the +3 shield doesn't usually help all that much.  Meat Shield is definitely my favorite, and doesn't push you towards a certain build like any of the clone cards would.

Anyway, just my two cents.  I'm exicted to see the new patch, and I'll be playing this a lot for the forseeable future.

I've always wanted to play the original Rogue, and this is a great way to experience it.  It's so simple and so addictive, and seeing the influence that an almost 40-year-old game still has today is a great slice of history, too.

Me: I wonder what would happen if you crossed XCOM with Slay the Spire?

Whispering Spider: You're welcome.

I am loving this so far.  It's a whole lot of fun and has a lot of strategic decision making.  The only thing I have a little trouble with is that there isn't really a lot of early aggro management, so it's extremely hard to keep my ninja alive until I start getting cards like Doppelganger, All for One, Meat Shield, etc.  Is there a rhyme or reason to the targeting of enemies, or is it random?  I usually have about 75% of mobs in a room targeting the ninja, so I'm not sure if this is totally random or intentional.

Either way, keep up the great work!

Great, creepy experience!  The email portion is definitely the most unsettling part, but being able to look out the windows was a great way to build tension as well.

Great!  Thanks for getting back to me.   Will I get access to that as part of the purchase?  The demo got me excited for multiple plays and it would be pretty cool to be able to play two different characters on two platforms at once!

I just bought this through, but both in my email and the Itch client, I only have access to the Android install link.  I would much rather play this on my laptop, so I was wondering what I have to do to get access to the Windows file for this game.


This was pretty fun to start, but I would have liked it WAY better if everything Murphy said was in the same deadpan that the inner monolouge voice used.  Maybe it was part of the intended humor/tone, but by 2/3 through I hated the main character's voice so much I watched a YouTube video to see the ending so I could skip the dialogue.

The overall gmae tone was satirically serious, and then there's a goofy idiot saying "yo", "doods", and "LOL" that just kills the humor for me.

Sweet, adorable, and very well written.