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Also, the team has agreed on continuing development of the game!

Thanks for the feeback guys ;u; I tried to fix as many bugs as I could but I forgot to upload the update until now. Please do play again c:

Sadly beat it on my 3rd try, but it's an impressive work! The simplicity makes up for it to be honest, it was neat short game

Sadly I got an error.

"./reality labolatory: error while loading shared libraries: libosdGPU.so.3.0.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

This + InitialD = All of the sweet adrenaline <3

Please keep working on this game, It's amazing. Hope to see this game in some repos or even steam in the future. It's that great.

I genuinely like the idea of this game, or what I understood from it. (Don't worry my game's a bit buggy too, it's called The Dreamer's Princess) I would love to see this game being finished. Great Job!

Dependencies are same as Unity's for Linux

I don't think there's a problem with that. Go for it.

Created a new topic Twitch or YT Stream?
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I think I heard it from Bryan Lunduke's video but I could be wrong. However will there be a Stream testing all the games?

If so, when is it and where?

PS: Great Job everyone, these games are amazing!