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The Level Rotates around it's center (gameobject), we've been working on the game to fix these bugs (like unpredictable  movement when rotating); as of right now; It's still a bit buggy, but we're getting there. Hopefully we can finish it out by the time voting is finished c:

Youhou 01: Ethereal Piracy, Breezeless Sea?

More like...

Youhou 01: Ethereal Piracy ~ Breezeless Sea

So, the game is really difficult and sometimes it feels like its luck based (I mean, it might be?) but you gotta act quick, this is a fun game, one I could pour hours if not days to come  up with good stratergies

Good job!


Internet died few minutes before deadline and now we can''t upload. Please use this link, This is the correct version comipled at 4:55PM (Puerto Rico Time)!7UNhhC5Z!PHI8wwjBm_7oT__XlbthK3JKHC0AL9gAdhdT1mfElB4

I'll give you a hint. Boxes and Balls aren't exclusively for dodging c:

Though, thank you for this!!

Also, the team has agreed on continuing development of the game!

Thanks for the feeback guys ;u; I tried to fix as many bugs as I could but I forgot to upload the update until now. Please do play again c:

Sadly beat it on my 3rd try, but it's an impressive work! The simplicity makes up for it to be honest, it was neat short game

Sadly I got an error.

"./reality labolatory: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

This + InitialD = All of the sweet adrenaline <3

Please keep working on this game, It's amazing. Hope to see this game in some repos or even steam in the future. It's that great.

I genuinely like the idea of this game, or what I understood from it. (Don't worry my game's a bit buggy too, it's called The Dreamer's Princess) I would love to see this game being finished. Great Job!

Dependencies are same as Unity's for Linux

I don't think there's a problem with that. Go for it.

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I think I heard it from Bryan Lunduke's video but I could be wrong. However will there be a Stream testing all the games?

If so, when is it and where?

PS: Great Job everyone, these games are amazing!