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Cool game but I keep falling through the floor and getting softlocked :(

Thanks that really means a lot. I worked really hard to make this, not only because I had to write the program but also bind the game engine used (raylib) which was extra work. I’m glad I had procjam roll around as I started working on it. I’ll make more procedural stuff soon.

Found a fun little bug when I was playing with your entry. Thought I’d share.

Found a fun little bug when I was playing with your entry. Thought I’d share.


Super neat! I love the surface scanner effect. Hope you will make more stuff to see, like fish and coral and etc.

I don’t know how I slept on this when going through the entries after the jam ended but wow this is super interesting!

Keeps crashing for me :(

Seriously cool, kind of reminds me of Cyberhook.

I really love the glyph generation and the glow effects. Super fun to play around with!

Really cool, love that you can watch the generation as it happens.

This is cool! I really like your use of the upside down round arc tile to make it more castle like.

10/10 A+

I absolutely love this. It has mad antichamber vibes. I love how weird and disorienting it is to go through the infinite hallway.

This is easily my favorite of the jam so far.

Dude this is super neat! I would have loved to see chunks of the ships coming off, ships shattering and breaking, and more physics. The ship generation is seriously good though, I really liked the variety in all the ways they can look. Nailed it!


Seriously one of the best small game frameworks ever released. Simple, fast, and pretty damn elegant.

Well done raysan!

Cute virtual pet. I like that since it's procedural, your plant is actually unique. Hope you find more cool ideas to add to this!