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very interesting little game! the spritework in particular is phenomenal, it does quite a lot with so few pixels and colors. my only complaint is that the font is a bit harder to read than it should be. aside from that though, I liked it, the game has a lot of personality to it. good luck on future projects!

it's a free game, but I wanna show my support for this cause however I can!

I really love this game! a set of well executed  and clever mechanics paired with incredibly cute characters and art, it’s a gem!

thank you, I’m definitely considering revisiting the concept outside PICO-8 someday!!

I'm really confused. I'm trying to follow the tutorial for "game creator pro" on the website but it looks nothing like this app. I can't find documentation for things like keyboard shortcuts and stuff either?

I really enjoyed this game! the characters are all precious, and it was a lovely way to spend a couple hours.

my only question, if my last save was on the last screen before the credits, is it really impossible to head back to topple town without starting a new game? I had no idea I had passed a point of no return

still, it was a lovely game. exploring towns is my favorite part of any JRPG, so this felt right up my alley!

Yeah I just played these games on my Mac with Wine and it worked, virtually flawlessly. Which is actually really surprising, because wine almost never works. Great games btw