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This is looking amazing! Can't wait to save those little duckies.

Thanks! 💛

Thank you! 💙

Thank you CptLainey!! 💛 Means the world to us to hear this. So glad you enjoyed it!

Introducing Daft Disputes, a silly card game about senior citizens who have become lost in the wilderness of everyday life. Help Sweet Old Agnes find her way back before it's past her bedtime!

Download for free on itch:

The majority of card games out there take themselves very seriously, Daft Disputes is not one of them. Your objective is to help Sweet Old Agnes and her friends find their way back to their care home before it's past their bedtime. Along the way, you will run into more daft characters such as the Nerds, Youngsters, and the Community Heroes. The senior citizens fear they plan to cause them harm, so they give them a good whack over the head to teach them a lesson!

Dispute example:

The player bumps into The Anime Fan, a high stats character who has trained for this moment all his life. A couple of strategies the player could apply to better their chances during this dispute are as follows:

  1. Combine Sweet Old Agnes with Sweet Old Roberta to form the Sweet Old Couple combo character. Together they stand a better chance against their opponent.
  1. Buff the Grumpy Old Man’s health with the Warm Blankets item card to ensure he won’t be knocked out next turn.
  1. Use the Respect Your Elders item card to lower the Anime Fan’s attack points.

Each dispute’s strategy will be greatly affected by:

  1. What cards the player currently has found
  2. Which cards the player selects for the dispute
  3. What character and item cards the player is up against

We have plans to develop Daft Disputes further in the future, so any form of feedback  is very much appreciated!

We loved it lol! So glad you enjoyed it,  thanks for posting! :D

So awesome to hear that!! Thanks for sharing the video! :D

Thank you for the kind words and for posting Queen Faith!