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I don't think there's going to be some bad guy who has it out for Yuuichi for some as of yet unknown reason. And since rival is a synonym for antagonist, I figured Tageki, or maybe Yuuya, would be the likely candidates.

Probably Tageki (if that's how his name is spelled) Tanabe

Alternate scene in Kol's route:

Yoshi gets self-defense training from Zed, then when Kol puts him in a headlock, he gets out of it. Much to Kol's confusion, since Yoshi doesn't know about Katarran customs.

Poor Lars. Hopefully things start looking up for him.

So you're telling me Doc isn't from a race of aliens that look like blue cardboard cutouts? 

Looks like some good ice cream.

I couldn't really find anything different with the Kounosuke sprite until I compared it to the one in the previous release. Looks better without the drab coloring.

Tora's new sprite looks great. A little skinnier, and his eyes look less dead.

Shun's sprite really threw me for a loop, though. Makes it seem like he's a completely different character altogether. The hoody is a nice touch, too.

Another scene that I have found that I like is, in the original, in Tatsuki's route only, on day 11 everyone goes to the river to shoot off fireworks. (or you can choose to get drunk with Tatsuki)

This game is prettygood so far. Keep up with the good work.

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I really enjoying this game. I liked Jun's route. The thing I'm most looking forward to is how Shoichi is going to react when he finds out Yuuichi is going out with Keisuke or Jun. I mean, based off how he reacts during the scene with the wolf on the school roof, and the look he shoots Jun when he realizes you're spending so much time on him, I doubt it'll be pretty. 

I've played through this and I absolutely adore it. I like how there are multiple events a day. That way it doesn't feel like you're brushing everyone else off just so you can get one person's perfect ending.

Favorite character is Torahiko, I'm quite partial to tigers.

Favorite event is obviously when Tora takes Hiro to swim practice. Before Homecoming, it probably would have been firefly watching with Juuichi.

I liked the flavor text added to Revisited from the original, so I'm looking forward to what scenes and events are going to be added. Also the completion of the other routes.

I've played through the game and thought it was pretty cute.  It's a good thing I'm not allergic to eggplants since there's so many.

I've played through both Razix and Kol's routes. I liked them both, I can't wait for the others.

Merry Christmas! 

So far I've only played through Shoichi's storyline. Other than a few spelling errors, it's pretty good.