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Thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely look into making a 32bit build! If I end up doing it I'll definitely keep you posted, either way thanks for checking out the game!

Yup its somewhat I played it all on guitar  it's stitched together randomly, each 10 levels has a set of pieces that are meant to be played together in a random order that hopefully sounds nice 😊 

Thank you!

Thanks so much! I'll definitely watch your video when I get back to my computer too thanks so much for making it! 

Thanks! Yup I've got a bunch of stuff in the works, the past year I've mostly been working on a live show hosted by an AI bot I made Here's a link if you want to check it out 

I've actually got a horror game coming out soon for the Dread X collection too here's more info on that

Thanks again for playing the game!

I know it's a huge day for video games with the Animal Crossing and Doom releases. In case you need a little break from those games I have released a quiet game about walking around a pond and finding the letter H.

Here's the trailer

I made this game last year when I was going through some really hard times mentally. I wanted to make something simple that would help me relax and take my mind off things and hopefully put me in a better state of mind. Last week I was having trouble sleeping and I remembered this game. I played it a bit and it helped me calm down. The next day I decided that I would finish the game and share it with the public.

I set it up so anyone can download it for free and if they want to purchase that's also an option but I don't want price to be a factor if they want to play.  

These are incredibly stressful and uncertain times, but I hope this game is a helpful and comforting experience for anyone that plays.

If you would like to play it here is the link

(it will also be available on Steam, and Humble stores very soon) 

Hope you are safe and healthy and all is well with you!