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For a game made for a week long jam, this was a very polished and enjoyable puzzle game. I loved the voice acting and felt great after solving the number code puzzle. I was kind of sad though after I realised that the game was over so, I'm hoping one day you'll continue working on this game. I'll make sure to give a good rating!

Let me start off by saying that, this is one of the best games from this jam I have played thus far.

 I really liked and thought the idea of having to read a child's letter and file in order to determine whether they have been naughty or nice this year was very fun and unique from most of the other entries from the jam. I was amazed by the sheer variety in children's files and letters and some children's files and requests were just jaw dropping and or funny. "Went back in time to kill Hitler", "I wish for Santa's death", "sold drugs to a mexican cartel". I also liked the games art style and music a lot.

I can tell you and your team went all out while making this game and made sure everything from gameplay, audio and art was nothing short of perfect. I'll make sure to give this game the rating it deserves.

Thanks for playing the game and for leaving the comment! Yeah, LvmpStxnd went  all out with the music. Thanks for telling me about the game leaving fullscreen mode when you press "Esc", I actually noticed that this happened and made it so you could use "Backspace" as an alternative to "Esc" and sure, I'd be happy to rate your submission aswell!

I liked the way you implemented the special object and made the player have to use it in order to kill the elves.

The only problem I encountered while playing was this bug were if a bunch of elves were chasing me and I used the anvil, I'd kill one and the rest would stop moving and just freeze in place.

I understand that this was a submission for a week long game jam but, I feel you could have done more with your time and added more things to the game. Things I think you could have added are sound effects for when you kill an elf, decorations such as Christmas trees around the map to give the game more of a Christmas feel, making the player restart the game after an elf touches them. Small things like that to slightly improve the game.

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I like the idea of a platformer where you have to collect the presents Santa has lost but, one question I have is, at the end of the level how do I interact with the anvil to create the key to the second level? Or was that the end of the game? As much as I want to, I cant really leave a rating on this game yet because, I'm not sure whether or not it has more to offer and I want to completely finish it before I rate it.

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This was a very hard fun game to play. The game can be very difficult if it's your first time playing it but, over time and after a bunch of losses it eventually becomes easier.

The only problem I faced while playing was this bug where at random times Santa would move to a random wall and become unable to walk for a short amount of time as if his very soul was being pulled from his body and sent to Davy Jone's locker.

 Other than that small issue, you and your partner did a great job and made a very engaging and enjoyable game.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I loved the way you and your team implemented the special object and made it something essential to the game. I also thought that the idea of playing a minigame to repair your sleigh was pretty cool.

However, I encountered a few problems while playing with the first of them being that the bell mini game never ends. The second was that after the game announces what place I came at the end of the final lap, The race would not end. Instead, it just continued forever. The third and final problem was something that I'm not sure was intentional or not but, the sleigh takes damage all the time even if you aren't making contact with anything and aren't moving. Though I'm not too sure whether or not these problems are exclusive to the WebGL version of the game.

Aside from these few problems, the game was great. Your team did a great job and I definitely think more people should play this!

Thank you for playing the game and for the comment! Yeah, I really need to find a way for players not to get stuck/to get unstuck.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback and sure, I'd be happy to try your game!

Hi! I'm glad to see you enjoyed the game and want more levels. I'll be sure to add more if I ever update this game in future. The text not showing up on the second level and being able to fly while the list was open was actually something I did on purpose but thanks anyways for telling me about that . Thank you for playing the game and for leaving the feedback!

Yeah, I 100%  agree with you that the player should have a way of getting back to the sleigh to prevent getting stuck in certain places.  If I ever update this game in future, ill make sure to fix this problem. Thanks for playing the game and leaving the comment!

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you too!

I have a few problems with the game and some suggestions to fix them with the first being that, the camera sensitivity is a bit too high. To fix this I think you could add a settings menu with the option to reduce camera sensitivity.

Next is the issue of the game's Christmas theme. I don't mean this in a negative way but, if I were to let a random person play this game without them knowing that it is a submission to a Christmas themed game jam or reading the game's name, I doubt the person would have an easy time finding out that this is a Christmas game. To fix this you could, add some of the holidays most iconic decorations such as trees with ornaments and tinsel on them, stockings and candy canes on walls, snow men littered around the map, the list goes on.

lastly is the issue of the door to your little present making cottage. After I finished collecting sticks and tried going back to the cottage to build presents with them, I found it a bit hard to find the door due to it not standing out that much. There are a lot of ways to fix this and some solutions that I can think of from the top of my head are, making the door bigger and changing its color to something more noticeable.

One thing I really liked though was how you did the shadows of the trees and made them move and sort of wave around with their tree.

This was a pretty decent game for a week long game jam and I give it a 3/5 for effort. I really feel that if you had some more time you could have done a lot more with this game and expanded on the core mechanic of creating presents by making more materials to create more presents with, giving each present its own unique model and implementing some kind of a crafting system to make building presents more interactive.

Yeah, the coding behind most of the games mechanics was certainly not my best work but, thanks for playing the game and for leaving the feedback and review!

Hi, thanks for playing the game and for leaving a comment and some feedback! Yes, I totally agree with you on making the game more user friendly and improving it's power management and parts mechanic. I plan on fixing these issues aswell as the games other problems in a future update.

This is what I mean by the character blends in 

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First of all, I just want to say, congratulations on finishing your first game! For someone who's new to gamejams and probably even game development as a whole, you actually made a pretty enjoyable game. Some of my favorite things from it were the particles when bullets collide and/or something dies, the Celeste-like dash aswell as the cool boss fight at the end. 

A few quick suggestions of mine are, when the player takes damage and flashes, make the color the player flashes a bit darker or lighter because, when you get hurt, your character starts to blend in with the background and when you deal damage to an enemy, have the enemy flash red just like the player to show that you are actually doing damage because, currently its feels as if enemies are taking no damage at all from my projectiles.

This was a short but fun game to play that I would totally recommend other people to try and I hope to see more games from this creator in the future.

Just wow, the quality of this game is amazing!
You and your team did a great job in everything from the way the world looks, how the music and effects sound, to the combat and movement and produced a fun(but difficult) game. Definitely one of my favourites from this jam so far.

I really enjoyed and thought the game's main mechanic of moving stones with your cursor to create platforms for yourself to stand on was pretty cool and I think that this mechanic has a lot of potential and can be used in a lot of different things such as puzzles.

But I have one quick suggestion that I really think could help improve the game. It's something that a few other people have already mentioned which is audio. Currently the only sounds you hear while playing are the clicking sounds of your keyboard and mouse so I think you could add some background music. Maybe you could even add sound effects for when you pick up stones, walk, move stones, drop stones, etc. 

Other than that, this was a fun game to play and I hope to one day see a finished version.

Hi again, thanks for trying the game for a second time and for giving the positive feedback and advice on the things I can still improve on and do to make the game more enjoyable to play. I really want to add in some of the suggestions you mentioned in your comment but unfortunately, the jam is close to ending and irl something came up so I wont be able to fix certain issues in time but, I do plan on participating in more game jams and on publishing a finished version of this game in future. Thanks again for playing and I wish you a happy holiday season!

Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion, to answer your question of what the red gun thing does, it's an item that you can equip using "c" that allows you reach buttons that were previously too high to reach. Sorry for not explaining this in the actual game, I didn't get anyone to playtest before releasing it so I wasn't aware that the player had no clue of how to interact with items. Thanks for bringing this up, it really helped. I'll fix this issue as fast as possible and also try to add in your mid-air deceleration suggestion.

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This was a fun and really interesting game to play. One of the things I loved was the dark  and ominous atmosphere that the game had and the way you used music and sound effects to compliment and just overall improve the games atmosphere. One quick suggestion I'd like to make is, in the games final few levels where you run away from the tentacle,  it might just be me but, I found the tentacle a bit slow and easy to outrun so maybe you could increase it's speed to make it more of a challenge. Other than that, the game was great and I would totally recommend it to any people who enjoy story focused games.

Hi, thanks for the tileset. I used it in a game jam!