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Very nice game!

Grafika super, ale gameplay jak dla mnie lipa straszna. Po 2 walkach miałem dość. Co gorsza, w takim wypadku nawet nie wiem, czy dalej czeka na mnie coś nowego.

No i dlaczego miecz jest na "FGHT". to nie jest zbyt wygodne położenie rąk imho. lepiej było dać "JKLI" w takim systemie walki. 

Jako ostatnie ja bym dodał napisy w intro. Ciężko powiedzie czy gra w ogóle działa jak masz totalnie czarny ekran przez kilka sekund.

Tak czy inaczej, czekam na następne produkcje. Dobra robota!

Its a short puzzle game containing car pics, Japanese city pop soundtrack and Sliding Blocks! It takes like 30 min to complete. If you need to chill out or relax, then check out our game!

Short list of features:
1. 7 levels with difficulty rising each level
2. Cool music in the background
3. Level selection screen and saving your progress
4. Its 100% free

Very nice game, but for me it is more like a 3D FPP bullet hell, not a FPS without guns.

Love this game. Music, art style and level desing are all top class! Would love to see more game like this!

Such a simple, yet awesome game. Love it <3

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Very nice game with cute grapics and good gameplay, but I've encountered a single bug. After Hitting this beetle with a spear he stops dealing damage :o (after moving a few units from him, he restarts and starts dealing dmg again)

Maaaan... I dont know. Art style is great but gameplay is kinda borring imho. After playing it for an hour kinda efficiently i got very bored. It's always the same. Killing this funny looking mobs with 0 effort and grinding mats. The game is not bad, but i think it needs something more. I'll be back as soon as new update gonna come out!

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Very cool demo. It doesn't offer much atm but i hope it will recive few more updates. Art style is great. Would love to make game with art like this. And nfsw animation looks also great. Its so simple but at the same time very good looking. I'm still a novice artist but would love to create something like this! How you achieved it? <3

Pretty nice, but not perfect demo. I would love to follow the progress on this project!

Love the art style of this game! Had fun playing it.

Game is well made and art is great. Story and script are more like 5/10. Not very interesting and deep :c

Thanks a lot for your comment <3

Thanks <3. I'm working now on procedural generated levels!

Hello. Onryō Pit is my first more serious 2d platformer game made in unity. I just finished polishing it up and its ready to go! I would love to recive some feedback to get better for all of you <3

100% Free!

Simple movement with "wsad" and "space".

15 levels to beat.

45 hearts and 15 knifes to collect!

Also I want to announce that there will be speedrun competition in 2 categories! any% and 100%. More info soon on my page and twitter.

Link to the game:

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Very nice asset pack. Will try to make a game with it, and share it with you <3

Very good game. Nicely animated and drawn. 10/10 <3

I like how this game is not that great, but i can still enjoy its stupidness

Great game. Love the graphics and the music <3