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I dont care for excuses but I need tha goddam guide for the CGs

Oh my god... I just finished the update. (Ethan Route)


Do not even think about stopping this. I am addicted now!

Oh my god thank you for adding a Download Source that is not Mediafire. Finally I can download this beautiful game in just minutes and not hours :)

It's Marcos Gallery. I did come up with another plan but that one failed as well XD. I am starting to think they are only ment to be for real detectives :)

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I really love the New update, but I am having problems to find so many CGs. Especially the fith and seventh which have already been in the game the last update are very hard to find. Could you tell me how to get them? I tried all ways I can imagine.

Small Edit: At some point you should definitly add some guides. Cause story is nice, yes but I want the feeling of completeness. Even if with help XD


I have to say, this is another great game that I really look forward too. Hope to see lots of updates :)

Oh... My... God... I LOVE IT. Again very good work. It's an amazing game and i really like the storys and the path it's going down right now. I can't wait for the next update.

Ugh i can't wait for the Update. WHY do the last few days always feel so much longer than the weeks before??

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I think i'll just make one for you and you can reply to me so i can send you the link. You dont have to ill make the server anyways ;)

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Cool game that you made there. Im usually playing games that are already finished. But this waiting for updates is way more cool. Keep up the good work with graphics.

Also I read a comment about asking for a Discord Server where you answered with "I MAY make one in the future" Why only may?

Pleas erelease a new Update soon. I'm really interested in the Story of this. Also i love the Art Style and the Idea of animals being like humans. Keep on with the Work Please.

and why does it do so?

what... what is an ISP?

Did you Limit the Download Speed or is it my PC/Browser? Cause i get 500kb/s for a almost 5G game.

Thats why the Interface looks exactly (or at least very closely) like from Straight!? am i right? Also, when im already tiing, i can tell you that i firstly skipped trough all the story. But now i can't wait to know more about what happend/happens/will happen. Good Story tho.