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Ah, I was using man as a catch all term, like dude or guy or buddy or something. I dunno if people actually say that or I just came up with it somehow, sorry for the confusion! Also thanks! I'm definately hoping to improve for the next jam I do!

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Ah that's really cool! Thanks! To be honest, I'm already a little embarased with how bad this game is lol. The wall climb was implemented so poorly it doesn't even work! But what you're doing is awesome!

Fair enough, I'd say you've got a lot of the important stuff down, just needs that polish to really elevate it. Anyway, that's just my opinion, I may not be the best guy to be giving advice or anything.

Keep at it m9!

Nice game! Controls are a bit slippery but the aesthetics and design is great!

Quick tip in case you didn't know, you can add a bit of atmosphere quickly by grabbing some royalty free music from a website like incompetech and just looping it, make sure to credit it properly though.