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Super cute art style!! :D

Short but fun!! I adore the art style, it's so clean and the two tone palette really works :D The concept art is super fun to look through too, the beeple are a really fun mix of bee and human and they're so fluffy I wanna cuddle them <3

It's also impressive you got that much worldbuilding in such a short amount of time, it makes me want to explore HIVE, especially that castle in the middle, the spires look so cool :0

Great work :DD

Could you tag this as ai-generated please to make filtering more effective?

Wonderful game!! The art and vibe is super soothing, and I love the choice of a magpie as the character :3

There's a surprising amount of customisation to be had, I had fun! 

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I love this so much!!!! The art is so simplistic but so charming, I really love the coloured piece as the first page. The whole comic book look is super unique too and fits really really well. 

The story itself is also so sweet, and the music is a perfect fit. I really adore this. 

My only suggestion is being able to skip through scenes faster to replay to get the different cats, but given this was done for a jam it's understandable why not! It's a minor thing anyway :3

Oh also, thank you for the options at the beginning!! I have no idea how easy things like this are to add, but it's appreciated!

Super cute game! I like the palette you chose, it's very fitting. And the babies were cute :3

Awww this was so sweet :3 

The game seems cool but I cannot understand how to recruit the brood?? Thus I am a bit stuck c':

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Pretty cute game, I like that the characters are horses! I will say I couldn't find the last secret, my guesses are it was either the overgrown path, the sparkles in secret 2, the building, or the scarecrow? But I couldn't figure it out D:

Also it's a little vague in the beginning what needs to be counted, so I wasn't sure what to look out for until the end of the game :P But that's minor. 

I do quite like the graphics and the sound design is nice! I also enjoy the progressive unlocking of different areas, and the fact that both mouse and keyboard are supported is pretty nice :3

In the end I only got one question right (even though I wrote it down cuz my memory is bad </3). I assumed that was because of the missing secret with presumably more stuff inside, but I had 73/74 items so :0 Not sure what happened there lol.

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Great game, love the visuals, it reminds me of water colour! And the overall concept is very fun :D (And the babies are so cute)

Having said that though I do have some constructive criticism. First of all I'm finding it very hard to click on each mongoose, I click several times before it seems to register, and if they're stacked on top of one another it's basically impossible to click the one behind. It makes it quite frustrating when I have ample time to babysit/escort to stop a snake/stork, but cannot just because I can't click a mongoose D:

I also have several questions:

- If a baby doesn't have an escort, is it impossible to feed them since you can't seem to unescort a different baby to free up an adult?
- When they're in the den can they not be fed?
- What does babysitting do, is it just protection against snakes or does that feed the pups??
- You can click for a babysitting mongoose to babysit, causing it to go out and back in the den, does this achieve babysitting twice or is it wasting energy?
- Do you need a babysitter for each pup, or will one do?
- When it says the baby gets a portion of the mothers energy, is that just at birth or is it a continuous energy feed?

Also the squeaks when they find a skull are a little loud (but understandable, I would also squeak loudly in that situation </3) And the notifications are a little flashy. Also a marker on the bar for when the breeding seasons are would be super helpful! 

I hope this isn't discouraging, I really did enjoy this game a lot!! Generally games of this 'looking after an animal group' theme are very fun so I'm always very glad to find more in this genre, especially one so nice to look at :D The reason I say what I did is because I'd love to see the game get even better (if it's still being worked on of course, understandable if not!) Overall I did have fun, and am going to play it more as soon as I post this comment >:D

Edit to add: The other version in the description doesn't seem to have the multiple click issue :DD The mongoose being overlaid with one another is still a bit of a problem, but even that isn't as bad when it's so much easier to click them hehe. On the leaderboard under "SNO" btw!

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Super cute game, I really enjoyed it! I like the art a lot, and the hive palette was really nice. Though the area with the blue background was a little difficult to see and I ended up squinting a bit </3 Also pollen seemed to be misspelled, but that's pretty minor :P

Overall it's a very sweet little game, and the vibes were wonderful, the music was a great pick :3 Happy for the little bee for living its best life <3

OH almost forgot to mention, but the intro was really good!! Very effective :D

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Cool game!! I did run into a few bugs which I'll list below, but I did enjoy the game. The visuals are nice and the colour coding is helpful. Even if it does need some ironing out, I still like it a lot!

Aforementioned bugs:

- My farmers got me 20 wood, and my gatherers got me 5. -25 wood in the summery? (Didn't build anything)
- Hunters recruited 25 people, 21 people in summary (nobody died)
- Assigned like 30 farmers but nothing farmer related shows up in the log (did previous days, but stopped now for some reason?)
- Initial village failed (was saved to slot 1), started new one also in slot 1 which was still empty, started on day 5 lol (but with normal resource numbers, so essentially no issue, just thought I'd mention it anyway)

And then this little saga:

Hit day 7, only says 23 people died cuz of nowhere to live (hehe), and food eaten/water drunk. Nothing else at all :0 (assigned everyone jobs o.o) Started next day by entering 1 even though it didn't say to continue- says population 60 but if I try to assign anyone it says 0 unemployed adults. Fast forward a few days and I'm at a nice steady -50 population (talk about a ghost town :P) and it seems like I can keep going indefinitely

But please don't take this to mean it was bad, I still enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing where you take it! :D

Editing to add: It is a little hard to get enough wood to reach any upgrades, that could be balanced maybe? Orrr maybe I haven't found the right distribution yet, who knows :P

what a genuinely lovely game, the pixel art is gorgeous, especially that waterfall. and the storytelling is subtle but clear. and also very sad :c 

the music is gorgeous too, incredibly fitting and really adds to the atmosphere <3

very cute game with an awesome concept :D my only real issue is that theres a lot of sitting and waiting doing nothing :c if there was a way to perhaps buy more penguins? or just more interactivity?

also for the yin yang level, for some reason i seemed stuck on 28 units left to paint, and the number wouldn't go down >.<

that aside though it is a very sweet game and i like the visuals quite a lot!

Cute game! What a squishy friend <3

The image of 999 flickers when doing a new interaction for some reason, and the 'rest' thing fills both energy and food bars completely even though I think its supposed to lower fullness.

But the game ins under construction so bugs are expected, just thought I'd mention them in case you weren't aware of them!

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love it! i enjoy sorting things a lot so this hit the spot <3 so satisfying to have everything nice and orderly 

for constructive criticism, i did have some issues with the tooltips popping up and staying even when i wasn't hovering over the item (seemed to happen when i was picking somethings up and moving it somewhere new), and they did kind of get in the way. but i could just pass my mouse over the tooltip's item to get it to go away.

just a small thing though, other than that it was really fun :D

cool game with a lotta potential :D

I really liked it! The pixel art is lovely, this is probably oddly specific but I love the art for the spray bottle, its animated very nicely and I like the see-through detail :D The manuverability of the lamp is also a nice touch :3 

For constructive criticism, the eggs often roll away too many times in a row, though you seem to already be aware of that one. Also the text that flies across the screen after hatching is quite hard to read for me at least. 

But those grievances are minor, and in the end I had fun :D Who knew eggs could be such princesses hehe :P

very cool concept but unfortunately i found the interface very very confusing D: perhaps a more detailed step-by-step guide could help? 

Super interesting game with great worldbuilding! Currently the mood system is very strange to me as I can spend 7 months relaxing and still have it go down? But then again this is a WIP so yeah :P Very excited to see how it will develop.

gorgeous art and animation!

Love this so much <3 Lost my Wuvo after a few days </3 Meemoo lasted much longer, reached over 5 weeks with the lil guy before he 'sploded from The Grumps(TM)

love the music and the art, its funny and original, really enjoyed it :D

cute game :D

super cute!! i love that lil lad <3 only constructive criticism is to increase the text speed a decent amount. i look forward to seeing more :D

super spooky! great unsettling ambiance & music. though i have to say im a bit confused on how to progress? the description says the players progress is saved but im not sure what 'progress' means in this context? 

i did a little thing to honour my late dog. thank you for this, it was surprisingly cathartic <3 

(for reference most of the words are random, but the heart words have meaning)

sweet game! im curious what the ring was for though :0

beautiful art

gorgeous graphics <3

unfortunately i cant really play the game as im on a trackpad, so i cant click left and right at the same time D: however just from what i saw of the tutorial(?) area, i can say its very pretty, and i love the sound design! seems like a very charming game c:

meep, geem, weegie, and porp. the ideal worm nuclear family. my worms meowed at me while i typed this. 10/10 game

death as an anteater for termites was such a good pick, that art is menacing :0 

pretty fun game :D i really like the sound design and music, excellent picks for the game. an easy mechanic to understand, but surprisingly challenging to keep on top of :0 i managed to hit 26 eggs i think it was? took me several attempts to get into the flow but even then it didn't get boring!

my only constructive criticism is the platform to raise the eggs is very small making it a teeny bit finicky. the small window of opportunity definitely lends to the reaction time part of the game, but i feel it could be widened just a tad so i dont keep shoving the eggs to the side instead of up lol. that was a very minor grievance though, overall i had fun :D

(also i have to say that rabbit is so cursed- truly elevates the experience in ways im too afraid to try and understand)

for such a simple concept its pretty well executed! the audio is clean and not overwhelming, and the graphics have a charming homemade feel to them c:

pretty fun :D i really like the layout, its very clean!! may i suggest achievements of some type as a goal to work towards? since after ascending a few times i didn't have much of a reason to continue playing, but i did enjoy the time i spent on it c:

awesome concept and execution! love the heal mechanic being tied to petting the dog. also, damn that is one strong dog. 

super cute style and fun :D

surprisingly addicting for how simple it is! :D had a lotta fun

also my deepest apologies to the fish i kept knocking out by accident. in my defence those little turds would not stop ordering those damn fish pizzas

absolutely adorable, i love the graphics too! the pixel art is gorgeous

very cute! do the hearts have a function or are they just for fun? :0