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hm i tried every button on my keyboard but couldn't find it. oh well. also socialising not being implemented certainly explains why i wasn't able to figure it out it lol. still a lovely game though, even if its unfinished c:

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so far seems good! i really like the animations, they look so fluid. however i can't figure out how to sleep/hunt/socialise. a button guide would be helpful :P (btw im using a keyboard, not a controller)

I never really realised how many people died until now. 13,000 is just a number. But seeing it all laid out like that really drove it home.

It's nice to be able to give them some kind of honour, even if it's just in a game. So thank you. 

pretty interesting game! it definitely could do with a little more work but overall very fun to play!

So just to be clear, there's only two endings right? Or is there a hidden secret third ending?! O.O (btw i love the game. frustrating at times but a really interesting concept and execution!)