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Had some fun playing this, it definitely has a lot of potential, keep up the good work :D A suggestion could be a day/night cycle, wherein you camp at night to serve as a sort of rest to pace the game more? And perhaps only being able to plant/harvest while camping? Nothing too fancy of course, just something for structure! Just a suggestion though of course :P

I hope you keep working on this, it's already pretty great :D

gorgeous game! 

pretty fun! the mechanics are simple but effective, and intuitive to learn :D it could benefit from being a bit slower paced as i was able to max everything out very fast, but i still had fun nonetheless ^^

absolutely loved it! the graphics are so charming and i enjoyed the unique way of interacting with the environment with just one button :0 

the ending was a nice nod to the start of the game as well :D 

absolutely loved it!! i had so much fun going through to try and get the different endings of sorts :0 also damn that queen is hungy... poor replacement bee... too bad i stole her job :) 

the art is great too, i love you different you made the worker and queen look despite both being just bees, it works really well!! also can i just say i love the honey dance event icon, waggly bee butt <3 

super cute and i really like the graphics!! :D just letting you know it seems that the last two options for the foraging patches are accidentally the wrong way round, but that's just a tiny bump, overall it was a short and sweet experience! c:

drivers yelled so much i almost cried, 10/10 would play again

awesome game, and cool concept! i would say to increase the chances of getting words out of the people, as after a while id end up going through like 5 before getting a new word D: 

they also sometimes seem to mention having items they aren't offering (e.g. talking about getting rid of a flute but not having one)

but that aside i did enjoy the game quite a bit, and it was fun trying to patch together the meanings when i only had a few words to work with! good job :D

fun game! the arrow colours and exchange rates are a little unintuitive and it took me a bit to realise i was supposed to buy when high and sell when low :0

but once i realised that it did end up being fun! ive got almost 10B root hehe >:D 

though i gotta ask, ive unlocked the influencing (though im still not sure how it works rip), and the cult n bought its 3 upgrades, is there anything beyond that or did i essentially complete everything??

one of the most unique bitsy games ive seen! it was a bit confusing to navigate, but i did enjoy the overall style! and i love how you made the larger organisms like that big noodle pile :D 

if you did end up expanding it into a full game like you mentioned, id definitely play it!!

sam my beloved <3 

pretty fun, and the artstyle is cute! could easily be fleshed out into a longer game if you all wanted to :D

honestly its quite fun :D i do have some constructive criticism in that finding hives is pretty difficult, especially since i seem to get shunted off into a random part of the map whenever i leave them :0 

something like a minimap with discovered hives could help tons, since then i could plot out trading between hives, giving me a reason to buy pollen from them!! :D 

(also i seem to be unable to actually buy the upgrades for some reason? i have enough money but the icons are always greyed out for some reason)

all that aside though i did have fun, and the graphics are simple but nice! i enjoy how the greyed flowers gives a sense of natural variety in usefulness, like in real life! and the way you implemented the pollen sprites worked pretty well, what with how they shrink and stuff, good job! :D

adorable! simple mechanics but quite fun and intuitive, and the art style was lovely :D 

short but sweet, the music was lovely too!

lovely visuals! my only complaint is that there is a LOT of button mashing, it could probably do with less, at least for the actual fishing bit, as after a few battles, by the time i need to spam in the next fishy duel, i struggle to D:

that side though, i did quite enjoy it c:

goofy aah, big aah, chernobyl aah termites :skullemoji:

at what point does one simply MOVE-

in all seriousness though, super fun! definitely a pretty unique game but i really enjoyed it. the gameplay was surprisingly intense >:0 also i have to say, those buggers (eyy) are persistent oml- and once i won i let em go nuts and holy heck did they go nuts. entire forest well on its way to being demolished. you really have to keep on top of them- 

but yeah, super fun!! 

i caught and wrapped about 8 flies and hung them from a branch as a sacrifice to the spider gods. it would have been even more but alas, the page reloaded. i hope the spider gods are pleased nonetheless

awesome game! super fun and nice graphics. i enjoy the little details like the predators eating other fish, and the shark biting through the net. i would suggest giving the net a fair bit more drag as it swings around very easily, and perhaps have it splay out more (until fish are caught anyway). it would also be cool to see the fish have a  stronger schooling behaviour, and trying to regroup after being separated. 

but those are just small suggestions, overall i had a lot of fun figuring out how to play it! the upgrades are fun as well and add a good sense of progression to the game. i am curious though, is there anything of significance at the bottom? i saw it got very red which was interesting, but i reached around 4300m and didn't see anything :0 

love the visuals c:

good to play while very sleep deprived- just that right level of engaging enough but also mindless. not baffling to my sleepy brain like other games right now. also, great music and graphics. this is probably an unusual review i am very tired but your game was nice thank you

lovely <3

Seems pretty cool so far! Excited to see more :D

Pretty well done!

pretty fun game! its cool working out the best combo of items. personally i used the bedroll, map, traps, spyglass and pocket watch. 

one thing though, since the encyclopaedia was yellow, i assumed that meant it was auto-equipped and not counted in the 5 limit. if i hadnt realised otherwise i woulda been a lot more lost in the game hehe. 

either way though, i enjoyed it! 

Lovely visuals <3

I'm a literal millionaire and I'm having to upgrade TO a copper shovel!? My brother in christ, go to a convenience store

Jokes aside though, love the game c: Very simple but clean UI, and interesting mechanics! The humour is always a plus too :D

Though I must say I am concerned as to why I keep finding live people in chests hundreds of miles below the surface..

super fun! i like that theres a guaranteed profit for the last one, so once you hit it, you can focus on completing the rest of the potions :D

Short but fun! The pixel art is great too :D

spooky :o love the ambiguity of it!

Absolutely love it, the graphics are clean and very nice to look at, and the ambience is great :D (especially love the shotgun sfx lol, so much oomph)

It has great replayability, and the enhancements are funny while still being a goal to work towards of sorts :P

I do really enjoy the amount of strategy in this, both in picking upgrades for immediate use, and effectively investing in upgrade branches for later. The enemy buffing is also super interesting (the skull rating is so helpful) Also I like that the player is heavily encouraged to go and scavenge, it really adds to the tenseness of the gameplay! 

My only constructive criticism is that sometimes the upgrade orb things can spawn quite far from the tower, and often I don't even realise they're there as a result, even with all my 'running' around D: 

sidenote: can an eyeball even run???

Oh and the 'be not afraid' bit is honestly really cool, I really love the design of the 'unnameable beast' hehe, and the fact that you can't kill it, just evade, adds a fun and unusual challenge (usually resulting in me getting my butt kicked but hey what can you do :P)

In short: awesome game :D And thiiiiiis is a very long comment, oops :v

I absolutely love this game, the music is catchy, and the sound effects are perfect, you can really feel the weight of the ammunition! It's also helpful in the sense of knowing if you have a hard hitting gun or not >:D 

I also love the variety of the weapons, theres a lot to experiment with which really adds to the replayability, overall the game is awesome. 

The only constructive criticism I have is the visibility of the HUD, with how fast paced the game is, it can be hard to check on health & ammunition, this would probably be hugely helped by making the ammo number bigger/bolder, and the pink of the health bar more of a visible straight line. (The zig-zags are cool but it's hard to see out of the corner of my eye rip, maybe an additional solid straight line through the middle to preserve the design?)

All that aside though, I really really enjoyed this, you outdid yourself with this one  :D 

super fun game! im impressed by the amount of strategy involved in a relatively short experience, and the gameplay is interesting enough to keep you on your toes even as you get better! 

my only suggestion would be to keep the difficulty increasing as it does stagnate after the 6th slot unlock, however the game is already pretty enjoyable as it is, so please dont take that as a complaint! c:

Oh that sounds awesome! I'll definitely check it out if you do :D And hey while this current one is short, that doesn't make it boring at all c: It has a lot of potential and I'm excited to see what you do with it!

super fun game! the visuals were clean & simple in a way that really worked, and the music was lovely c: i liked having a ??? goal to work towards, the mystery was fun hehe

tbh my only criticism (since you asked for feedback) is the order of things to unlock. 

e.g. i can afford speeding up plant growth, but have no need for it whatsoever, so i skip over it in favour of upgrading the harvest/plant speeds several times each. just a tiny thing though, it barely affected anything but i thought id mention it for the sake of feedback! overall it was a very fun, simple, clean-cut and polished game :D

Cute game, I love the visuals! It could do with some more to do though, or just slower difficulty scaling! You go straight from having to do everything manually, to buying a bug and only really needing to clear poop :0

Still fun though, and I enjoyed the variations in the cows c: Gotta say the blue is my favourite 

super cute game! the characters were adorable c:

That was amazing!! The art is simple but lovely, and the music was just absolutely amazing, it added so much to the atmosphere. The whole experience was surreal and I loved it, especially the warnings everything gave me the further along I went :0 

Just generally an amazing experience, it gave me chills and was just so well executed <3

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Absolutely lovely game, the graphics are gorgeous and the music is perfect for it!! I love the critters, especially my lil raccoon buddy (Ruffy my beloved <3), and it gets cuter with each evolution!! 

Could I suggest having a guide explaining the effects of different traits?? Probably only unlocking info as you discover the traits in your buddies, just cuz some are a bit confusing lol (e.g. I have no idea why natural works for some things but not others :0) 

That aside though, this was a great demo and I'm super super excited to see more!! :DDD

Edit: Also quick question, when the game is updated, will the save data be preserved or wiped?? 

I love it so much! The capybaras completely deadpan face is hilarious, the art is so charming! Also I would die for that rat <3