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this game is amazing!! i was playing the web version and i was blown away by the details! ive played a couple of 'brain making sims' before but they were janky and unreliable, so i was really impressed to see how well this works!! 

at first i was pretty confused on how all the different things in the brain worked and was hesitant to try and make a creature from scratch because i honestly had no idea what most of those things meant, but after some trial and error i actually managed to figure out some bits and managed to make a controllable creature! so points to you for making it simple enough that even i could understand it :D

oh and once i figured it out i spent so long making a creature! i really love the variety of shapes you can make them out of (and how the different shapes have different functions too!) and i absolutely love the inclusion of bioluminescence (i definitely overused that feature,,,no regrets). unfortunately before i could upload it the game froze while i was taking it for one last spin so i had to reload and lost my little creature :c (farewell lil guy, you looked super cool before u were eaten by the void u_u). though of course this is in development so im not that upset!! i just figured it may be worth mentioning in case you're looking for bugs to squish c:

but yeah overall im absolutely loving this game! the visuals are lovely to look at as well and the internal mechanics are genuinely so impressive so good job!!!! i am completely broke but just know that if i had the money i would absolutely buy this game :D (wow this is a long comment O_O)

this seems really cool so far!! o f course there isn't much to it right now but i enjoyed whats already in the game and genuinely like the way you designed the mechanics of capturing SCPs! im really excited to see what you do with this game :D 

very cute! i really like the way you animated the crocodile opening its mouth when theres food near, it looks so excited! c:

the astronaut is so cute! i love the little squeak sound :D the puzzles were fun without being too hard and i liked the mechanics of the shrinking/growing! also can i just say i really like the way you animated the lantern itself? i just love the way it looks when you wave it around in your hand 

but yeah! great game! i really enjoyed it c:

wow this was fun! surprisingly hard too but that just adds to the challenge :P

since the end credits encouraged me to brag, im sure youll all be excited to know i completed it with only a single animal death >:D and it only took me like 29 attempts 

but seriously, this was super fun to play and pretty funny too. like how god got embarrassed about his massage being declined and decided the only logical thing to do was to flood the entire ship :0 

but yeah! great gob guys!

adorable! i love the end screen, very cozy-looking  c:

this was fun! i like the art style too, its simplistic but it works well (i especially like the hills in the background). its a fairly simple learning curve as well which means i caught on pretty quickly, and managed to save all 3 chicks on my second attempt! nice game c:

Deer Survivors community · Created a new topic I love it!

This game is genuinely really interesting! I like the concept a lot. 

So far the gameplay is pretty fun! It takes a bit to understand some mechanics, and I'm still confused over what some things do (such as dexterity?), and whether a deer will end up taking damage on something (as I'm unsure what stats to take into consideration), but the exploration of new areas and having to balance the food level is very nicely done! And the setting is pretty intriguing too :0

The dark woods area was pretty tough but it served a nice challenge! I like that I have to temporarily back off from stuff and come back again once I've prepared more. In fact I was so focused on trying to power through the wolf attacks that I didn't explore until afterwards..and of course only then saw all the buffs I could've earned to help defence! ..oops. Oh well :P

Overall though it was very fun and a nice change of pace from most of the games I see on here. I'm really interested to see where you go with this! 

i loved it! im surprised you managed to get such a variety of mechanics and enemies in such a short span of time, and the graphics too! i really loved the bat shifting as well, thats such a clever way to implement a double jump ability! great job guys!

cool! it gets really hard at the end but it was fun! 

such a lovely experience! the art style really suits the nature of the game. oh and i love how some fish follow you around, its adorable!!

loving the visuals! the concept is pretty funny too ngl

ive noticed one lil bug tho: the king can still hit you after being killed if you stand too close to his body. other than that i didnt have any issues!

short but fun and some interesting mechanics!


the bit where the person started singing in the music was so funny, and the ending was hilarious. nice job!

cool! the animation was really smooth and nice to look at! 

this was pretty interesting to play! nice worldbuilding too!

short but interesting game! i like the little detail of the dog becoming lighter as they lose more and more water, it just adds more to the game! oh and the dog sprite is adorable ^^

such a sweet game! peanut is the best lil doggy!

super cool concept and a fun execution!

absolutely beautiful visuals and lovely music! good job :D


simple but fun! the music was nice and the visuals were pretty good too! i did really like the look of the interval screens as well! (like being caught by the bird of prey or finishing the game)

i love it! the dog is so cute!! the tasks were amusing and i felt no shame for ruining that poor guys bed >:D

ok i absolutely love this game! the concept is amazing! a centaur fishing!! i love that so much :P overall its honestly a really cool game, the graphics are lovely (i spent a while admiring the ocean wave did you do that so well!?) and i really like all the little details like the character changing their scarf each day! 

as for the game mechanics themselves, its simple but easy to grasp fishing. it took me a few days to realise the river had two different spots to fish in, but i take full blame for that one lol. the mail was also a nice touch and gave some handy hints! my only request is a way to check the total species there are to catch so i know how far i have to go! (also quick question, what exactly does the different bait do?)

oo this is a bit of a long comment. oh well. loved the game! (in case that wasnt obvious already :P)

i love the music! it really sets the mood for the game! the game itself was actually quite interesting and had a wonderful atmosphere. if youre planning to expand it id be interested to see what you add!

i love the art and the music so much! its just overall such a relaxing and cute game so far, i cant wait to see more :D

charming game with extremely smooth movement that is so satisfying to watch! it took me a minute to work out some things like descending ladders and that the orange regenerated (i was waiting for the one i planted to grow lol) but still a fun and cute game!

id love to see this game expanded but of course the choice is up to you ^^

absolutely lovely! i love the concept and the visuals are so nice as well. its interesting to experiment with each plant and see what each one does, although it admittedly took me a little bit to figure out cutting flowers gave you seeds back ^^'

once i fell off the edge and nearly had a heart attack..only to be caught by those vines id grown earlier! seems like some good karma in exchange for growing them :P

i love the music! the interface can be a little hard to read but the game shows promise! im looking forward to see where you take this ^^

i love the premise! and the character is so cute! simple mechanics that are easy to learn but still pretty fun! good job ^^

also how many endings are there?

this was really fun! i love the visuals, its all so pixally and thematic, and the gameplay was really great too. at the very beginning its a race against the clock but after a bit you really get into the groove of it. those extra battery bars were a lifesaver! overall a genuinely really great game thats fun to play and lovely to look at!

adorable! i love the little details like tracking paw prints everywhere after walking in the muddy patch, and how the water cleans you off! and when the dog took a nap with me?? best feeling 

(the flags were a lovey touch too)

nooo i lost at the very last battle! oh well, it was super fun to play anyway! the 'evolution' mechanic is pretty interesting! i just wish there were some healing/evolution spots just before the boss battle to prepare for it :'(

but either way, still pretty fun and interesting enough to make me want to try again! wish me luck!

pretty fun so far! i really like the sprite designs and the music fits pretty well. my only suggestion is maybe an option to fire employees? im excited to see what you add next!


oh i just found a glitch i thought i should let you know about: when customers are passing through the door your character can run though it as well and get lost outside!

damn this game was fun. not gonna lie, towards the end it became more of me just trying to find the maximum number of sell blocks i could fit in the shop. i couldn't get past 24 for ages but i finally managed to get 26 spaces in! it was truly a moment of victory.

and after my arduous quest i finally retired and became a baker :)

a psychic fern that looks after a human? this is totally my type of game! the art style and humour were perfect! i cant get over the dance its the best thing ive ever seen in my life

just one teeny little problem, on a trackpad i cant click left and right at the same time so i cant use the fire extinguisher..but! even if i cant finish the game it is still fun to play! it overall seems to be very well made c:

gorgeous visuals! i love the sort of painted looking effect you've done, it looks amazing!