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Thanks for the awesomevideo! One day I'll try to turn this into a real game...

Ha, thanks for the review of my awful game!

Thanks for playing! Yeah I wanted to really flesh out a mechanic  like in the Famicase description but life got in the way...when I can find some time I'd like to add more creatures, interactivity, etc. Hopefully soon I can turn it into a real game.

Thanks for playing! This is the ;place I was trying to recreate :)

Thanks very much!

This is awesome, thanks so much for playing!

I actually may have - as long as you create the page (even unpublished), you have technically submitted to the jam, even if you don't upload any files. You can then upload files at your leisure, which doesn't seem to be restricted in any way by the dates of the jam. This makes sense, since once you siubmit a game to a jam you can update it post-jam, change things on the page, upload, etc. The loophole seems to be that a page without an upload counts as a "submission."

Anyway, thanks for hosting, and don't get discouraged - this is a great theme for a jam, and hopefully next time you'll get a bigger response!

Hey guys, I just posted my entry - I thought the deadline was tonight, and not last night (oops...). I had opened the page a while ago but didn't make it public, so it seems to have posted correctly regardless. Sorry about that.

I also thought this was a really interesting idea for a jam, and hopefully it'll happen again. It's nice to see developers being prompted to make games that are outside what you normally see done with game narratives. So thanks for hosting!

Thanks very much for the comments! I really appreciate the feedback.

The swarm is basically ripped from a "Boids" demo in the Procedural Toolkit  Unity asset. I wanted to do something foreboding but active, and it feels a little cheap to me to repurpose a demo, but I think it's  an OK effect when you tweak it a lot. It's actually a single mesh that gets updated partially every frame with the positions, rotations, etc.  of a fraction of the boids. I'm hoping to expand on it in a new version but I'm not yet sure where to take it.

I wanted to spend a lot more time on the audio, too, but I know next to nothing about audio mixing etc., and I did the audio stuff at like midnight before the jam ended. That's something else I really want to revisit. I'd like to add effects to the different ruins. Footsteps was on my list, but I didn't find something i liked within the time limit.

Anyway, yes, I hope to update this again soon. Stay tuned!

Thanks! No objective - just wandering around.

Thanks! Enjoy GDC!

Hey I just bought this game on the Itch website, but it doesn't appear installable in the Itch app - the sidebar says "Bought 4 hours ago, Not available on Windows," is this because you're distributing using a RAR file? Can this be fixed?