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Thanks man! Appreciate it.

Now I understand your comment on the game before. Should've made the flashlight on from the start itself.😅

Thank you for playing the game!There is a place in the area where you're supposed to go after collecting at least 4 logs, to set those logs you have collected-'on fire'. That's the completion point of the game. I think I should've given player an indication for where to go after collecting the logs.

Thank you for playing the game!!

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Thank you for playing My game!!

You can toggle the flashlight with 'F' key and make sure you're running this game on Windows.

Appreciate the World Record😉

Thank you for playing the game!!😄

Thank you very much for your reply, I will try my best next time to create a much better experience for players rather than just collecting firewood lol😛

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Which Time-Zone is defined for 3.30pm?