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-_- its a nsfw game and his sole purpose is to bang the girls

thank u

finally a long awaited update

idk but u can check the discord

be patient or you can become a patreon to get early access

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godd game but if u dont money manage ur soft-locked bc the hotel room cost 50 dollars and when u spend money in the wrong places u cant recover

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a guide to success lol

idk why, bc you cant


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you look at the log see if its updated and press download if you dont have the current version

EDIT: the new version is on there patreon its in beta testing

i agree with the nexus bit but i dont mind 3 things a day bc of summer saga and i learned to live with the font

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i dont know how to feel about this game arousedor terrified 

np i had to figure it out with another game

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where did this come from i just refreshed but it looks dope

edit(first time seeing a .exe file instead of .zip)

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you download the new version unzip it then u copy ur save data folder from the old version and paste it in the new one then if u want delete the old version

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this is one of if not the best 3d visual novels ive seen cant wait for the next update

not what i was expecting great art but not my cup of tea being a cherry

cant wait for the extra 8 points to get here

i believe for patrons 

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bruh i dont have enough brain for the lock im been trying(EDIT nvm)

you got me at anal

the best ive seen in terms of nsfw