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Very fun little golf game with great pixel art. Maybe not the most on-theme game though

Very fun little golf game with great pixel art. Maybe not the most on-theme game though

The interaction seems a little clunky, clicking on the mode and then clicking on Mo, but that's pretty much the only point against it. The music, art, and puzzle design are all great, and I didn't enounter any bugs which is huge for a jam game lol

The narrative loading screen is such an interesting idea, with some genuine laughs too. Loved it!

Yeah sorry there's a glitch in the intro sequence that makes the sell button not appear.

This is what I get for only testing the game in windows and then releasing it as HTML5. The bugs all cropped up only for the final release.


This bug didn't exist on the windows version, only in HTML5 which I decided to use last minute. I already fixed it and added an intro skip button but its too late ugh

I love the art. The badman doesnt seem so bad!

Fun little defense game with great pixel art and a goofy opening

The difficulty is pretty unforgiving but the movement is very satisfying and easy to pickup. Also the art is fantastic!

The art is a little sparse but the sound design is pretty great, and I like the sprite on the robots. Also I tried that 4th level like 20 times and got whooped every time lol.

The platforming and hitboxes need a little work, but the a cappella audio is super charming and well done

This is awesome. Moody simple pallet, all the characters depicted with unique personality, clever uses to the Twine engine for narrative, and all on top of a simple but thoughtful story.  *chefs kiss*

  1. Sign up.
    1. Sign up on this Jam Page.
    2. Join the Discord server (this is required to participate).
    3. Submit your personal prompt in the Discord.
  2. Make a game.
    1. The schedule:
      1. Prompt submissions are currently open.
      2. The jam starts as soon as secret-santa targets are released around midnight (CST) of Dec 9th.
      3. The jam ends at exactly midnight of Dec 24th.
    2. Your game must be original and made by you.
      1. You can use assets or code snippets you've used in the past, but no more  than 10-15% of your game should have pre-made content.
      2. You can ask for help, but don't let anyone make your game for you. It should be your own original creation.
      3. If you find yourself seriously struggling, the Discord is there to help with no judgement. Everyone on your dev team (Elf or Reindeer) is guaranteed to be neither your target nor your
    3. Some guidelines for the game
      1. Your game should have around 30 sec - 5 mins of gameplay. Be aware of the scope of your game: it's better to aim small and add more later than to aim too big and not finish.
      2. Your game should follow the prompt. Don't stress over making it fit perfectly or using strictly literally interpretations, but let the words inspire your game's theme and mechanics. The connection should be apparent.
      3. Your game should be appropriate.
        1. While a "G" rating is not required for game submissions, no excessive violence or NSFW content is allowed
        2. Any hate speech, slurs, or deliberately offensive content will get your game deleted from the jam listing, and may result in being banned from the Discord
  3. Submit your game.
    1. Make sure your submission is valid
      1. Executable files for Windows or Mac, links to download a zip, and in-browser games are all valid!
      2. Anything behind a paywall, or anything which requires 3rd-party software to compile/run
    2. Submit here on on the main page of this jam. If you need help the official instructions are in their official documentation.
    3. Make sure your game is set to public!
  4. Play your new game!
    1. On December 25th the games will all become public. You can play your new game and then check out the other submissions too!

If you have any other questions please ask below or in the Discord!

Please @sokpop i dunno if you ever update this anymore but PLEASE stop letting builders rebuild stuff that is marked for destruction. Also why can wreckers not move on to other destruction projects after theyre done with one?

Its very frustrating to not trust either builders or wreckers to work without constantly watching over them.

(also wtf is water for)

they eat every time the bell tolls. the red bar tells you how much they will eat, and "starving" means the next bell will kill you if you dont get food