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Just uploaded a new build where you can use the arrow keys, WASD, or moving the mouse to the extents of the screen to move the camera around. You can also zoom with +/- keys. I hope this helps!

I like your explanation of the increase of rates. I know there is definitely a flawed money surplus right now. One thing I've been wanting to add is a tech tree, which users would "research" new upgrades from. This would be both a time and money sink. But I haven't quite got there yet.

Middle mouse button, sorry that this is not clear! Just click and hold the middle mouse button while moving the mouse. I will add some Keyboard controls for this soon as well. 

The rates are adjustable in the game settings menu, and it breaks down between The Repeater and Everything else, haha. The Repeater is the one that you start with. Currently, it is infinite and shoots slower because faster rates make the game even easier. Slower rates make the beginning of the game a crawl though.

You didn't miss anything, but some of the buildings do have limits (I believe around 500). It's a hold over from when everything had a stocked inventory of balls...but I also like how it limits things. It is not conveyed to the user at all but in the settings, you can turn on this display. I have it off by default because it clutters up the screen so badly. I'm thinking of ways to show it without ruining the clean look of the game right now.

I feel the same about it being pretty easy, though I haven't weaponized quite as efficiently as you have :)
The Amplifier answered a question about how to move the game along, faster. Now I want to give the player a challenge. I'm not sure how yet, but I have some ideas...

Check out a quick study on combining Brick Breaker and Automation games with Breaktory. I'm really proud of this strange but compelling game!

Bounce balls into Fog & Gold Bricks to discover and destroy the ever growing Voids. Buy and place ball bouncing Nodes with unique functions. Create infinite loops, duplicate balls, and experiment to see the best way to victory. Contains preset levels and randomly generated ones, along with a looooong list of customization options.

And it came out SO LONG ago! What was that developer on!? To come up with that idea back then. I looked up Time Rifters and it looks really awesome.

Thanks for letting me know, that's because I call a kind of "StopEverything" to replay the SFX so you can hear it adjust, and it stops the Music as a side effect. Will fix soon!

Yeah, the bullet identification needs to be instant, and it's not right now. Might need to slim down the particles / make the enemy bullets more apparent. 

Thanks a lot! Just pushed a new build with beat detection on everything, and music. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Tower of the Flying Samurai is a fast paced, 3D first person jump-em-up. You slash lanterns to gain height and escape an encroaching pool of lava. Your score is your height (+ a few other bonuses). I had such a blast developing this game and am happy to say that it is extremely fun. It is quite simple, but I'm open to feature requests and suggestions right now.

Also, check out my postmortem where I talk about my extremely rapid but low stress development:

Feedback is just as appreciated as money right now! Please enjoy!

I like this a lot. I like Peggle a lot.

As a person with narcolepsy w. cataplexy, I really appreciate this game.
* Love the solid play style and JRPG inspired battle system
* I love the enemies and the sense of humor / surrealism
* The mechanics help give empathy for some conditions that not a lot of people care about

I've always wanted to make a game about narcolepsy, and I'm really happy to see you doing it and talking about Tourette's as well. Beyond that, the core game is really good too. Great job!

Fixed, I hope. I changed it to "Attempts" instead of "Lives". Deaths isn't entirely accurate of what's happening, as you start with 1.