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Hey, thanks for playing and for the feedback. Always appreciate it.

Thank you so much! I'm super glad you enjoyed it (:

Genuinely enjoyable game. If there was more of it I would sit and play the whole thing, in the same way that Celeste just pulls me in and keeps me going with its smart use of its tight mechanics. I hope to see more!

Hmm, as the game is right now you should be able to do a double jump while holding left or right, the platforming is predicated on you being able to do that. However, perhaps you're walking off of the platform as you do your initial jump (so it thinks youre doing a double jump), which is actually something I want to fix so that you have a few frames of leeway (games like Celeste do this). You're totally right about the sliding, I can make that a bit tighter for sure.

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad that you think the game is great and we'd love to make it even better. I'll try to incorporate your feedback (:

is there anything in particular, about the controls, that you specifically find finicky? I'd love to find a way to improve them overall.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the idea.

Yeah there definitely some improvements we couldve made.  If I get the opportunity to, I'd love to add a sequence towards the beginning that actually shows how the lantern throwing and dashing mechanic works. Sorry for the confusion going into the game, I'm happy you enjoyed it though!

Thanks a ton!

Thank you!

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Lmk how far you got and which part was confusing and ill find a way to patch it! If you can share a screenshot that would be awesome <3

After I bring the fruit from the ash tree to holt, It doesnt let me leave and I've interacted with everything I could. What am I missing?