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maybe add a poop gauge that recharges by eating hot dogs. and poop on the enemies kill them

N O I C E game ! complettely Out of dev's Control !! :D

If you have some time to rank and comment our prototype could be lovely

Very nice interface for credits, art is coooooool ! 

I give you a nice rate

Try or if you can ;)

nice job, i really liked it, you choosed calm music for shooting game, nice
need to fix : the mouse is a bit too sensitive, pause menu made me crash game :/ good one

congrats !

i like it, little game could be very nice to dev

haha it's mad

congrats !

Nice one =)

Absolutely nice concept, i like it !

Nice one !!!

you got out of control.exe ! 

no it is not exit yet

thanks for your comment

thanks, with a damaged keyboard makes me sometimes : ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

out of control!

Doesn't works too for me... im sorry

Very nice game simple and works. Dont be a coffee addict :D


Thanks man ! Need to dev this !

So fluffy ! GJ !

I'm just sad of the lack of music :/