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Question for those who bought the Ultimate Edition, are your links working fine? You can download the OA Ultimate Edition 3.20? 

There's no option to download the Ultimate Edition? 

The latest and official update is available for download already.

Yeah, mostly on Discord or SS. Will come with a new post here too and regarding future updates and the new features plus what's to come! 

There are no plans for that. 

Coming this month! 

Yeah, that's my bad! I forgot about that path back then and found about that issue only a month or so ago, will come back with an update for it, for the next release will just do a quick fix so you don't get send in the menu. 

I think that's up to you, I guess, there are multiple paths with different scenes in some cases. I could try and test that and see how long would it take sometime. 

Yes, it's on work right now, since I'm doing some changes to the main game and remaking the APK version. I really hope it'll come out this month, at least that's in my schedule. 

Can't give an exact ETA right now, but it's coming out at the same time with 3.20, so it's due to release this month, I'm still working on all versions. I'm sorry for the issue, doing my best to finish them as soon as possible. 

I messed up the dw links with some changes, will fix them soon. 

The new Demo is in work, thus it remained the Free tag since it was like that so far, I'm just remaking the demo and deleted the old one like one month ago.

I've fixed the tags, the ANDROID version is being re-made, it'll be available with the next version. 

I know what are you saying... 

It doesn't sound dumb at all! I was thinking about that and it might come in future, but I don't promise anything, but, it's on the checklist for the game! 

Yeah, that's where it ends the current update, game works on different paths so you missed some content, thus the reason why it seems short. 

Working on the new one and will come with some upgrades plus additional renders on each version, both SE and UE. 

No, just check the link and it goes to 3.0 version.

You need to download it manually, not through itch app.

Will update the links soon to the new version! 

Based on scenes, in some cases is for MC and the girls, but otherwise it's for the girls in like 90% of cases. 

The link to are listed with those date, because if I delete them, and you already bought the game you need to buy it again, so I kept it like that and just update the links when needed. 

The links to download are ok, just double-checked them, and they link to the correct version of each one. But yeah, they are listed right there. 

Well, I'm glad it's sorted out, checked the links yesterday, and they seemed fine on my end, but who knows what happened. But, hey, it's working now for you! 

Will check once I get home but shouldn't be a problem with GoFile last I checked, make sure you're not trying to get it through the itch app, cause it doesn't work, only manually. 

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Hey, that shouldn't be possible unless you downloaded the wrong version or you previously had SE edition and somehow you copied the UE over SE but even then it should work, did you get the UE version of 2.60 which sizes up to 3.3GB?

I also checked the links just in case, but they are correct and the UE versions are in there. 

Oh, glad it's working fine now, maybe it was just something on the GoFile end. 

What do you mean? I just tested the links, and they still work, you get any errors or anything? 

Could be related to itch process of payment I guess, I don't use PayPal. 

Which version? 

An easy way? Well, not quite, the only thing you need to do is to download the .apk file and copy it somewhere in your phone, then from your phone use the File Manager or however it is called to find the .apk and "touch it", the installation pop-up window should come up and press Install. 

Here's an idea, it should be possible to install another browser on your MAC tho, dunno exactly cause I don't have any exp on Apple ecosystem. 

Also, try to download it from your phone? And copy it back on MAC? 

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Hmm, you're saying the download doesn't start? Or the game itself doesn't start? 

EDIT - Tried to dw it with different browsers and on a different laptop, and it works, could you try with a different browser than Safari? 

Hey there, yes, it'll be released here too! 

Check the game description page posted an image with it, and will soon make a new devlog with some more updates. 

Kinda tricky to get it on Play Store, plus no idea how to make the game download the assets and so on, plus the theme... 

About Steam, once again I doubt it'll get accepted, but Beyond Persona is going there once the remaster is finished. 

Oh, haha, glad you sorted it out! 

Well, just connect your phone to the PC/Laptop through cable, then just copy the OA apk somewhere in the phone file explorer, after that from your phone, browse to it then install it. 

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Wait, what exactly it says? And where in the process it shows that page? 

Could be because Pixel has more security or something? Otherwise, you would just need to copy the .apk wherever you want in your phone, then browse to it and install it, granting those permissions to install from unknown sources. 

Not really. Only the name.