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Thank you! :)

Gracias por crear gameplays de todos mis juegos! Genio!!!

Thanks for creating gameplays of all my games! Genius!!!

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Gracias por crear gameplays de todos mis juegos! Genio!!!

Thanks for creating gameplays of all my games! Genius!!!

Seeing how you play my game, allows me to identify which parts may be too difficult, and should make them easier. Thanks a lot!!!

Hola! Sí! Va a estar disponible en la Play Store también. 

Y además le voy a agregar algunas otras funciones, en cuanto se termine la evaluación de la Jam. Saludos!

Thank you! More levels will arrive when the Jam ends. I don't want to be disqualified for updating the game now. :)

Thank you very much for the time you spent and your comments!

Yes, I understand that until getting a little practice can be quite difficult.

I was only able to dedicate a week to the game to present it at the Jam, but I am already making easier levels to smooth out the difficulty.

I'll let you know when the update is here!

Does anyone know when the Jam organizers will select the 10 winners? And where / how will they report it? I'm anxious hahaha

Thank you! Very fun game!

I love the humorous tone and the cyberpunk vibe that you put on it hahaha

I hope you win the Jam even if it means I lose :)

Looks very cool! Please build it for WebGL, pleeeease!!!!

I just updated the game and it now includes an easier first room.
Just in case you want to give it a try. :)

This is my first Jam too. Congrats for both bro! XD

Esta bárbaro, muy gracioso el sonido y como queda el pájaro cuando choca con algo jajaja !

Hola, una consulta, el juego se puede desarrollar sobre Unity para plataforma WebGL? 

Porque en las condiciones habla de "Los proyectos de juegos deberán ser compatibles con Lenguaje HTML5" y no me queda en claro si WebGL cuenta o no.


I was wondering the same thing... 

There are several games that do not seem to have any relation to the topic of this jam. 

This is the first time I have participated in a game jam, so I don't know if this is normal. 

Looks strange...

The game should probably start with an easier level, a couple of people already told me and they are probably right. :)

Thank you very much for commenting!