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Ohhhhhhh ok, thanks, i didn't understand it at first but now i am addicted and it is actually quite simple it was just my nut sized brain can't do anything so lol. Thanks!

ok the only thing i can build is floors, nothing else. nothing.

This only happens for stuff like a fishing rod, i place it on a raft piece and a character places 1 log on it, then nothing happens, it just sits there unbuilt and i can't destroy or select it.

I know how to chop down trees and such, but when i place a blueprint one of the guys places 1 log but then nothing happens and i can't click on it or anything, and it acts as if it hasn't been built yet.

But how do i refuel it after it runs out? when its power supply is empty i cant interact with it to put more logs in it.

What do i do when the steambot runs out of fuel? it wont allow me to pick it up or access its inventory so i cant put wood in it or recycle it, what do i do?