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Thank you for pointing that out. I've re-uploaded the files with the correct "v1.1" at the bottom of the last page. 

I mistakenly uploaded an old, unfinished version of the new cover yesterday when I made this update. If the cover of your SUPERS! PDF only has the city skyline and does not have the hero flying across the cover, then you may want to re-download the PDF to get the correct new cover (which looks a bit nicer). Again, none of this has any affect on the actual content of the PDF, only the cosmetics of the cover. Sorry for any confusion and inconvenience. Thank you!

Bloodhunt is a 4 page zine with rules and tables for running a monster hunting horror game in a grim gothic world. It's built using the quick and easy rules of 24XX to get you up and running as quick as possible - perfect for one-shots! Check it out if you're into the likes of Bloodborne, Castlevania, or Van Helsing. Thanks!

That's so awesome! I love how you interpreted all the rolls to make a concept for such a cool character. It's really exciting and rewarding to see someone else use the tables to come up with stuff. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for saying so! I really hope you enjoy it.

Aha! Yes, everything is working fine now. I'm glad it got solved. Thank you! 

Hm, that is odd. Another thing I noticed is that there is no purchase button on the main page for Night. I've purchased Muramasa as well and the purchase button still appears on the page. Maybe it's because I purchased Night before the $3 minimum? 

Changes sound great! Unfortunately the download link is still empty and says there is nothing available to download.

Beautiful. Thank you!

This is fantastic! Any chance for a "Singles" and "B&W" version?