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The maps are too big and they have no details at all, I recommend smaller maps, make them more alive by using grass, flowers, bushes, anything... Random encounters + high encounter rates also are not a good choice in my humble opinion, and doing chests with enemies, just makes it worse... It's nice to find a chest or two with enemies, but you are using it overly, like, you walk a lot, through an  empty map, fighting enemies every 3 steps and when you reach a chest... guess what? Another enemy! Also, what is the initial motivation? What are Ronan And Millie doing in this land? Give them some backstory, even through the Status menu, write something about them, where are they coming from? What are they trying to accomplish?

Concluding, work your maps, work your history and smooth the encounter rates, including the chest encounters, doing this will be a good start.

Don't give up, I know that this can be a great game! :D